Mueller’s Team Suggests That The Final Report Is More Damaging Than Barr’s Summary Indicates

Alex WongGetty Images

According to The New York Times, some members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team have said that Attorney General William Barr’s summary of the report’s findings may not have accurately conveyed their findings. Mueller’s team members said that the report spelled more trouble for Donald Trump than Barr led on.

Several of Mueller’s investigators said that they are concerned that Barr has attempted to define the results of the report without its conclusions being made public, which could shape the way the public sees the results if the entire report is made available. They also say that Barr should have provided more information in his summary and pointed out that they never asked Barr to make a summary of the report.

Mueller submitted his final report of his investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 election last month. The report was not immediately made public, but Barr summarized the findings in a four-page report. While the Mueller report said that there was no evidence of collusion, it made no determination on the question of obstruction of justice. Barr was less circumspect, saying that Trump was fully exonerated by the report.

Barr has said that he will release the full report but that it will take time to redact the 400-page document. The Times reports that he has expressed frustration with Mueller for not coming to a concrete decision on the question of obstruction of justice.

The officials declined to give specific information on what the report laid out, and of the 19 lawyers and 40 FBI agents who participated in the investigation, it isn’t clear how many are speaking out about the findings.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the Mueller team members aren’t the only ones who have suggested that the report contains more negative information than Barr has let on. One senior White House official weighed in on the potential findings.

“There will be plenty of unfavorable things about the president in the full report, which we think will eventually come out, so let’s not go overboard saying there’s no wrongdoing,” the official said. “Let’s move on.”

Another White House official echoed these statements, urging people to let the report go.

“We’re letting people have a week to say, ‘Investigate the investigators!’ Take the victory lap, everyone agrees. Spike the football. But then we need to put this behind us. Let’s not relive this. Let’s not drag Andrew McCabe in front of a panel or something that goes on forever,” they said.