Wednesday’s Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Shiloh Puts The Heat On Kristina And Sam

Todd WawrychukABC Press

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital started out by giving Friz fans quite a treat. A shirtless Franco was seen in the locker room as his new wife, Elizabeth, snuck up on him. She was there to ask him to have a chat with Cameron about Trina and relationships. He says he is the last person that should be giving advice, but agreed to give it a try.

Michael walks in on Sonny in the gym. He is still concerned about Kristina and tells his dad that he doesn’t think ganging up on her is the answer. Michael wants to form a plan to infiltrate Dawn of Day. He insists that his sister just needs a lead for her to exit on her own. Speaking of Kristina, she has just crossed the line when it comes to her family secrets, according to SheKnows Soaps.

Kristina hands over the recording that she did telling of a secret that no one else knows about. She told Shiloh that she is ready after he warned her that there is no going back. He listens to it and proceeded to tell her that she has cleared the first hurdle.

However, that isn’t all that she needs to do to earn his trust. In order to keep it, she needs to hand over $10,000. She hesitates asking him what happens if she can’t get that kind of money. Shiloh responds by saying that he has complete faith in her.

Cameron, Trina, and Joss meet up with Oscar at Charlie’s Pub. Trina wondered why Oscar and Joss were at the courthouse. They hinted that it had to do with his will, but it turns out that they actually wanted a marriage certificate. Trina decided to be respectful of the couple’s time and privacy. Cam mentions how out of it Oscar seemed to be.

Cam gets a call from Franco and runs off to meet him at General Hospital. Franco sits him down to have a sex talk. Cam says he already had that talk and wants to leave quickly. Franco tells him to sit down and listen. He proceeds to talk to his uncomfortable stepson about planning and responsibilities when it comes to sex.

At Charlie’s, Kristina confronts Julian about putting in more hours because she needs more money for her future. She confesses as to how much she needs just as Michael walks in and interrupts. She thinks he’s there because of the payments that she is behind on. He offers to help her financially if she needs it.

Margaux is also at Charlie’s with the Dawn of Day book in hand. She seems to carry it around with her at all times. Julian asks her about the Ryan Chamberlain case. He tells her that Ava can’t sleep out of fear. Margaux says that it’s still open, but she can’t say any more. When Julian keeps at it, she starts to get testy with him. She then gets herself under control as she clutches the book in her hand.

Jason and Sam meet up on the bridge. She explains what happened at Kelly’s with Shiloh and Danny. Jason told her in no uncertain terms that Shiloh is not to be around Danny ever again, even if it means her cover is blown.

Sam asks for more time and wants Jason to ask Sonny to wait before he tries to get Kristina out of the cult. Shiloh interrupted them with a phone call asking Sam if they could meet up to begin the next step. Once she arrives, Shiloh has her blindfolded wanting her to trust him. He creepily talks about the energy between them as he gets closer to her.

Shiloh suddenly takes the blindfold off of Sam and tells her that it’s enough for the day. After she leaves, he sits down watching the video of their creepy session.

At General Hospital, Liz and Bobbie have a chat about their sons. Bobbie gives her some advice about Aiden’s situation and says that Liz should just give him her love and understanding.

Jason and Sonny chat about what to do next about Shiloh. Jason relays Sam’s message to Sonny about waiting and Sonny agrees. He also has another idea to help Kristina.

Oscar and Joss head to the bridge. He gives her a lock as Joss puts their initials on it. They decide to clip it to the bridge just as lovers in Paris do.

Julian walks up to Kristina at the bar and hands her a check for $10,000. She squeals and gives him a big hug. Also, Sam ran into Margaux as she was leaving Dawn of Day. It appears that the DA is heavily involved with Shiloh and has a session with him.

The previews for Thursday’s General Hospital reveal that Oscar is in trouble again as Joss calls for help. Also, Lulu is freaked out by someone and Ava has nightmares about Ryan.