Meghan Markle Twin Babies Rumors Heat Up After Prince Harry Makes ‘Cryptic’ Comment, Per ‘Express’

Dominic LipinskiGetty Images

There’s plenty of rumors swirling about Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry’s first child, as she’s expected to give birth soon. Among the rumors is one that’s been rampant for a while, which is that the couple is actually expecting twins, not just one baby. Of course, there’s no real proof at this point of twins, but for some reason, lots of people are betting that this is the case. And thanks to what could have been a “cryptic” comment by Prince Harry recently, the rumors are heating up.

The comment was allegedly made by Harry to Simon Weston, who is a Falklands War veteran, according to The Express. Weston recalled a conversation that the two had last week during a reception at the Buckingham Palace.

“We joked about Wales defeating England in the Six Nations rugby. I also warned him and the Duchess it serves him right as they will be getting plenty of sleepless nights when the baby is born.”

And what followed was the comment that could have been a hint of twins.

Weston noted, “[Harry] said if they have any more than two it will serve him right.”

Of course, there’s no telling what Harry meant by that. It could have just been a strange joke, or perhaps he accidentally let it slip that they’re expecting twins.

For now, there’s not much fans can do except to simply wait and wonder. Undoubtedly, speculation of the baby’s name and gender are going to ramp up until the official announcement is made.

In other news, Markle made a splash with her glitzy baby shower in NYC last week. But it’s emerged now that she headed to Doria Ragland’s house in Los Angeles before jetting back to the U.K., reported Elle. The visit isn’t altogether surprising, considering that Meghan is believed to have a close relationship with her mom. And when you consider that the rest of the Markle clan has been embarrassing the Duchess publicly, one can only imagine the mom-daughter duo is closer now than ever before. An insider emphasized this point.

“Meghan is a mummy’s girl — their special mother-daughter bond hasn’t disappeared just because she’s moved to England. Meghan will always come back to Doria, this will always be her home…. They are forever in touch, and Meghan has been here to stay on more than one occasion since going public with Harry. I even saw him here once, but it’s not my place to say any more.”