Jana Duggar Makes Embarrassing Discovery While Shopping At Flea Market

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Jana Duggar is a woman of all trades. She is known for being an expert gardener, a home improvement enthusiast, and now she can add wedding planner to her growing resume. As seen in the season finale of TLC’s Counting On, the reality star was in charge of John and Abbie’s wedding and reception. The newly wedded couple mentioned how appreciative they are for what she and Jana’s BFF, Laura DeMasie, did for them. While shopping for the wedding at a local flea market, Jana made quite a strange discovery that made her feel a little uncomfortable.

TLC has been posting a few behind the scenes clips on Facebook and a recent one included that particular shopping trip. Jana and Laura were on a mission to pick up some good deals for the wedding. However, they ran upon some deals that gave the Duggar daughter a reason to be a bit embarrassed.

The store had a huge book section where Jana just happened to be walking by. She then spotted quite a few Duggar books on the shelf. You could hear her say multiple times how hilarious she thought it was. The two books that you can see in the video included Growing Up Duggar and The Duggars: 20 and Counting. Laura was laughing quite hard about it.

Jana was curious as to how much they were selling for. It turns out they were around 90 percent off. They ended up trying to block the Duggar books with other books by putting them in front so no one would recognize Jana as she was shopping. She said how embarrassing that is. Laura teased her BFF that she should autograph one of them and leave it there. As Jana stated, “You never know what you’re gonna find.”


Jana and Laura found some goodies to add to the decor of John and Abbie’s wedding. The girls teamed up to make it special for Jana’s twin and his bride. Laura has been seen quite frequently during this season of Counting On.

There had been plenty of rumors circulating that they were in a secret romantic relationship. However, Jana recently addressed those speculations head on. In a report by The Inquisitr, she responded to a comment questioning their relationship. Jana said that she is not interested in girls in that way, but she is waiting for the right guy to come along. As most fans already guessed, Jana Duggar just enjoys Laura’s friendship and they make a great team to get things done, such as wedding planning.