Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Royal Baby: What To Expect After The Duchess Gives Birth

Tolga AkmenGetty Images

Royal fans are buzzing with the possibility of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby coming into the world soon. After all, CNN notes that the baby is “expected any day now.” With that being said, rumors have pinpointed a potential due date in late April or early May, so we still have some more waiting to do.

For those who just can’t wait to hear the news, here’s what you can expect after the duchess gives birth.

If you’re hoping for an up-to-the-minute update, you’re out of luck. The queen will be the first to be notified, but it doesn’t sound like that means she’d be woken up in the middle of the night for the news. That means if Meghan gives birth overnight, we won’t hear about it at 3 a.m. And it’s not just the queen that needs to be notified first, as the governor general of each Commonwealth nation will get the news, too.

And since rumors suggest that Meghan isn’t likely to follow in Kate Middleton’s footsteps, it might take longer to see the baby. Middleton fans were thrilled, however, because they got a glimpse of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis hours after their birth. Kate looked just about perfect for the photoshoot, which garnered backlash about the expectations people have for mothers giving birth.

With that being said, it sounds like the decision of when to unveil the baby to the public is up to Meghan and Harry. Since they appear to be looking for privacy, it’s up in the air as to when and where the first appearance will happen.

And just like the waiting game after the actual birth takes place, it could take 10 days after the baby is born before we find out his or her name.

So it looks like more waiting for royal fans.


Others have already begun speculating on the baby’s life, including Sharon Chang, author of the 2015 book Raising Mixed Race, according to Flare.

“This child [will be] very, very privileged, regardless of how they look. They’re going to be born into a very insulated situation and so, they have a lot of resources basically to deal with things that come at them and I think we have to remember that.”

Chang’s discussion also extended to talking about the future of Meghan and Harry’s baby as biracial, and what that could mean socially and emotionally.

“I’m sure everybody is waiting with bated breath to see, you know, how Black does this kid look? How white-passing do they look? There’s going to be a lot of weight on those things for this kid.”