Farrah Abraham Slammed For ‘Phoney’ Instagram Promo, Fans Suggest Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Bryan SteffiGetty Images

The news is never dull with Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham. This reality sensation is in-your-face, outspoken, and she’s starting to look a little like Kim Kardashian.

On April 3, The Hollywood Gossip was quick to suggest Farrah as a replacement for the show’s departing member, Bristol Palin. Today isn’t seeing Farrah slammed for her on-screen career, though. Social media is ripping this 27-year-old to shreds. The scandal centers around a promotional skincare post that now appears to question Farrah’s mental health.

In the past 24 hours, Farrah has twice taken to Instagram to promote NEWA Beauty’s supposed “anti-aging” devices, as per the company’s website. Filming herself using NEWA’s device on her face, Farrah’s accompanying captions suggest surprise at the product’s efficacy, alongside a mention that it doesn’t leave her side.

The response has largely been one of backlash.

“Miss Farrah…mayb invest some on your mental health issues grandiosity narrsasit [sic] personality disorder is a REAL thing and you’re the poster child for a classic example of both!”

The above comment received 90 likes. Another user called Farrah “phoney,” adding that the star is unlikely to use the product herself. Nonetheless, the video shows Farrah’s passionate, straight-up “love” of NEWA’s device. It also comes with a strong call to action – clearly Farrah’s viewers should also be buying one of their own.

Farrah has already been making headlines this year. On March 13, Cosmopolitan covered Farrah’s apparent decision to “quit” Teen Mom OG in favor of a career in the adult entertainment industry. With a highly-sexualized Instagram account and sex tapes circulating the internet, it is, admittedly, somewhat sad to see where this mother now stands.

With 2.2 million Instagram followers though, the opportunity to cash in on promotions appears too tempting for Farrah to pass up. There’s a downside to doing it, though. When negative comments appear to outweigh praise, headlines will be made (and not for the best reasons).

“Coming from a plastic surgery addict.. sure totally legit.”

Hundreds of similar comments poured in for both of Farrah’s NEWA videos. From the “faker” accusation to multiple allegations of cosmetic surgery, this promo doesn’t seem to be generating the best reception.

On March 19, The Inquisitr reported fans calling Photoshop on a nude Instagram picture from Farrah. While the bathroom setting was immaculate, fans spotted what appeared to be a blurry belly button. Accusations such as these aren’t exclusive to Abraham, though. From Victoria’s Secret models to the Kardashians, celebrities have long been slammed for allegedly altering their photos.

For the time being, Farrah’s return to Teen Mom OG remains purely speculative.