Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Features Combined To Create Royal Baby Composite

Ian Vogler -WPA PoolGetty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby hasn’t even arrived yet, but thanks to old family photos and the magic of computer graphics, at least one news outlet thinks they have an idea of what the next Windsor baby will look like.

Just a couple of generations ago, parents had no idea what their baby would look like until the tot was born. Of course, if Mom or Dad or someone in either family was handy with art supplies, they could hand-draw something of a composite of both parents’ features and render an artistic guess as to what Baby would look like, but it was — and is — still guesswork.

Nowadays, we have two new tools available to us to give us an idea of what a baby will look like. One is high-tech ultrasound, which allows moms and dads to “ooh” and “aah” over the cute tot in the womb. However, you can be absolutely certain that Kensington Palace will not release any such pictures to the world. The other tool is computer graphics — take a baby photo of Mom, a baby photo of Dad, add in some computer magic, and next thing you know, you have an idea of what the baby will look like.

Entertainment Tonight put their graphics guy (described as the “best and brightest in the biz”) on the job, and the unnamed computer wizard got right on it. The artist took a photo of young Meghan, approximately 16-months-old, give or take, took a similar photo of Harry, ran their software, and came up with a composite of what he thinks Baby Sussex (as he or she is being called) will look like. You can see for yourself by clicking the link above.

Of course, at this point it bears noting that ET‘s graphics artist doesn’t possess a crystal ball giving them the power to see into the future; rather, he’s just working with off-the-shelf graphics tools and old photos. If we know anything about genetics, we know that the baby could strongly take after his or her mother, or strongly take after his or her father, or look nothing like either of them.

And that’s probably a good thing, because the face created by Entertainment Tonight‘s graphics specialist looks like a straight-up composite of Harry and Meghan’s faces as infants.

Although Kensington Palace has been mum (no pun intended) on Meghan’s due date, royal watchers speculate that she’s likely to give birth this month, probably toward the end.