Jenna Jameson Shows Serious Skin As She Flaunts 80-Pound Weight Loss

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Former adult film star Jenna Jameson has completely transformed her life over the past couple of years, and she loves to show off her new figure after losing an impressive 80 pounds. Over the past few days, Jameson shared several shots on social media that showcased her new body and her jaw-dropping transformation.

As The Inquisitr has shared previously, Jenna credits the keto diet, as well as her ongoing sobriety, for her transformation. Jameson regularly shares insight into how she lives her day-to-day life with a focus on following her keto diet and she recently shared some heartfelt thoughts on how becoming sober has impacted her life.

In one of her latest Instagram posts, Jameson shows a side-by-side comparison with two photos of her wearing bikinis. In the older photo, Jenna has fiery red hair and is wearing a green bikini with her fuller figure. While she was somewhat confident in herself at that point, she is clearly much happier and more confident now.

The new photo shows Jameson wearing a skimpy animal-print bikini that flaunts her cleavage, shows off her taut abs and slim waist, and showcases her muscular legs. Jenna is smiling as she takes this selfie and her caption was a lengthy one.

In this case, she was encouraging people to embrace how beautiful they are no matter the size and she voiced regret over feeling anxious at the pool when she had her fuller figure. In true Jenna style, she threw in some colorful language to highlight her passion for this topic.

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Jameson regularly shares insider tidbits about how women on Instagram achieve their jaw-dropping photos, such as flexing muscles and embracing the best possible angles. She did a bit of that again in her Instagram Stories, as she wore a figure-hugging short red dress and she tried to help her followers realize that not everything on Instagram reflects real life.

Jenna also recently shared a stunning selfie on Instagram showing her wearing an old pair of track pants from her higher weight. Jameson has the waistband pulled out to show off her weight loss and she’s wearing a black-and-white checkered crop top.

The pose and the outfit in this recent shot are the perfect pair for flaunting Jameson’s impressive abs. In this case, she was sharing with fans that she’s listed a lot of her older clothes for sale on her Poshmark page.

Even a simple date night gives Jameson a great excuse to don a cute and somewhat skimpy outfit to flaunt her figure and her weight loss. In one recent shot, Jenna wore a short, lacy mini-dress with a large belt cinched tightly to highlight her slim waist.

Jenna Jameson’s followers love to see her frequent updates and are energized by the transformation she has experienced. She’s deservedly proud of having lost 80 pounds via her lifestyle changes, and her fans can’t wait to see what she shares with them next.