Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Gail Sends A Special Message To Her Family And Friends

Craig SjodinABC Press

Tuesday’s General Hospital was chock full of love and memories as many Port Charles residents gathered at the central hub of the show. The ABC soap celebrated their 56th anniversary with the finishing touches of Gail Baldwin’s will. Her final wish was indeed granted.

Alexis called everyone to General Hospital as she proceeded to hand out a blueprint of what the facility was like 56 years ago. Her instructions were to take the blueprint and use it to locate a special envelope with their names on them. As Soap Central indicated, Scott was touched by Gail’s message from the grave.

It was revealed that Gail had invited the participants with a purpose in mind. They all scattered to locate their envelope. Monica and Lesley both found themselves in the locker room, which used to be the old cafeteria. Lesley commented on how Monica used to go after all of the men back in the day. Monica sniped back calling Lesley a “saintly earth mother.”

Meanwhile, Bobbie and Felicia meet up and start talking about their girls, Maxie and BJ. This most memorable storyline from the past conjures up many emotions from fans who watched it all unfold. The same is said for these two women as Bobbie reflects that they should celebrate their wins.

Scott is baffled on how to read his blueprint, so Laura comes along and helps find his envelope. Scott remembers how Gail brought him back to Port Charles, and if she had not done that, he would have never met Laura. He tells her that he doesn’t know how he’s going to continue on without Lee and Gail.

Scott then finds Franco as he calls himself a terrible son because he wasn’t there for his dad when he needed him the most. Scott reminisced on how he gave his parents such a hard time and told Franco that he would never turn his back on him. He now knows what his parents went through, and he would always be there for Franco, just as Lee and Gail were always there for him. They depart with a hug.

Julian has no idea why he is included in Gail’s request. Alexis confessed that she told Gail about their stormy relationship, so Gail thought to bring them together for the General Hospital treasure hunt.

Monica runs into Lucy Coe admiring her past Nurses Ball gowns. She discovers one of Alan’s handkerchiefs as she and Monica laugh about their past with him. Lucy remembers Alan opening the Nurses Ball with a Cinderella performance. She tells Monica that she was his queen and hands the handkerchief over to her for safekeeping.

Sonny and Laura meet in the chapel talking about when they first met. She thought he was trouble, but she could see that he also had a good heart. Curtis also told Laura that he is thankful that she let Jordan get back to work, despite her condition.

Maxie and Mac have a moment as she thanks him for being there for her. He told her that he never regretted being a “suburban dad” for one minute.

Bobbie ends up helping Liz locate her envelope. Liz tells Bobbie that she was the main reason she wanted to become a nurse. She was touched with Bobbie’s special care when Lucky brought her in after she was raped years ago. Liz and Epiphany also have a moment in the elevator as Liz tells Epiphany what a great example she has been as a mentor.

As Sonny walks down the stairs at General Hospital, he runs upon Stone’s plaque in the hallway. He stops for a moment to remember him.

Carly finally tells Bobbie that she’s pregnant as they stand in front of the nursery. Sonny joins them as they gaze upon the babies.

Bobbie runs into Scott and they chat about their history together. He tells her that he wouldn’t change a thing as they give each other a big hug.

Lucy is eager to help Kevin find his envelope. He sees what is happening and sets her straight on their relationship status. Kevin says that he loves Laura but that being with Lucy in the past was not a mistake. She finally locates Kevin’s envelope in the chapel, exactly where Laura is standing. Lucy says that he is where he is supposed to be.

After Lucy exits, Kevin and Laura both admit that they miss each other, but so much has happened. Lesley interrupts and Kevin leaves. She comforts her daughter, and they chat about all that has happened. Lesley told Laura how proud she is that she is now mayor of Port Charles.

Monica and Lesley come back together as they both admit that they always admired each other, despite not getting along at all.

Monica says, “There are more things that bind us than separate us.”

Lucy runs into Scott. He tells his ex that he wishes they had a proper love story like Lee and Gail had. That’s when they see Kevin walking by.

Everyone gathered back together to open their envelopes and found confetti in them. Gail’s final wish was that everyone would come together like they have. Scott then unveiled Gail’s picture on the wall. The fun was over and everyone at General Hospital headed back to work as usual.