April 3, 2019
Angelina Jolie May Run For Public Office In The Future

Throughout her career, Angelina Jolie has maintained a constant presence in the political and social realms as an ambassador for the United Nations and outspoken advocate for war refugees. With her long-range influence and extensive humanitarian work, a run for political office may be in the cards next.

In a new interview with People, when asked if she could see herself running for elected office, Jolie didn't rule out the idea completely.

"Never say never. [But ] right now I am looking to others for leadership."
In the broad scope of her experience, Jolie has acted as a Special Envoy for The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), engaging with global leaders on solutions for displaced peoples. She's also a prominent activist for women's rights and co-founder of the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative (PSVI), which targets the eradication of sexual violence in armed conflict situations.

While many celebrities keep their support for specific causes under wraps, the award-winning actress has always given all aspects of her career equal weight in the media.

"I try to speak for what I believe in," she said.

One of those causes is for the amendment of global laws treating women as "second class citizens." Jolie noted that too many women and girls in the world are still having their rights eradicated. She wants to not only change these laws but to enforce the new regulations as well.

The activist is also currently pushing for a proposal that would install a permanent international body to investigate war crimes and gender-based violence.

In addition, Jolie said her PSVI program has seen considerable progress since its establishment in 2012, with more awareness and dialogue between countries which has resulted in an increased commitment to oppose violent sexual crimes.

The actress has embarked on many UN missions, and in the course of her advocacy, made close friends outside of the Hollywood sphere who are also working to meet similar ideals.

"The second UN mission I went on, to Cambodia, I met two women from England and France, Katie and Mimi, who were working with UNHCR," Jolie said.

"We have all been friends ever since, for coming up on twenty years now. I feel very blessed in my work to have the opportunity to meet so many extraordinary people who spend their lives dedicated to others."
Jolie has received widespread acclaim for her humanitarian work. According to NCC News, she received the inaugural Humanitarian Award from the Church World Service's Immigration and Refugee Program in August 2002, and BBC News reported that she was awarded the Global Humanitarian Award by the UNA-USA in October 2005. In October 2011, Reuters reported that she was presented with a gold pin reserved for the longest-serving staff, acknowledging her decade of service as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.