Mo'Nique Thinks Wendy Williams' Relationship Drama Is 'Karma'

Television personality Wendy Williams reportedly has been having plenty of trouble in her personal life of late. Her husband, Kevin Hunter, has been carrying on an alleged affair for almost half their 22-year-long marriage, and the woman who is his mistress gave birth to a baby widely believed to be his last month.

The news of the baby's birth seemed to send Williams on somewhat of a tailspin, and she purportedly relapsed on her addiction. She had to be rushed to the hospital to be revived. While many have plenty of sympathy with Williams' plight, others, not so much. Actress Mo'Nique thinks that the current relationship trouble Williams is having to deal with is "karma," according to Hot New Hip Hop.

Mo'Nique was speaking on a recent episode of her YouTube show Mo'Nique & Sidney's Open Relationship when she addressed Williams' relationship drama on an episode they titled "Is Karma Real?" The Oscar Winning actress didn't hold back at all as spoke about how Williams is always trash talking people on her show, and how that has come back to bite her in the derriere.

"It's all about how messy I can be," Mo'Nique said. "It's all about 'Ohhh, how can I crack on this person. How hard can I make fun of somebody's downfall,' or [it] appears to be that way."

Mo'Nique has watched Williams over the past few years on her show and says that it has taught her exactly how not to act or treat other people in her life.

"The lesson for me is, let me make sure what I put out there is what I would want to come back," she continued. "Let me make sure I'm not so high on my a** that I can say or do, rip down, rip apart, tear down, whomever I choose to because it's part of the business...but now when the universe says, 'Oh, you know it's your turn.' We don't pay attention to that, we just pay attention to the mess."

Mo'Nique suggested that Williams would be having far fewer problems if she just "minded her own business" instead of digging up the dirt on everyone else live on television each week.

While there are rumors that the couple is planning on separating following the birth of Hunter's mistress's baby, a previous report by The Inquisitr indicates that Hunter doesn't want his marriage to end. Despite their many reported problems, the couple has spent more than two decades together and share an 18-year-old son as well.