‘This Is Us’ Creator Says Shocking Season Finale Sets Stage For Past-Heavy Season 4

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Fans are still buzzing over the Season 3 finale of NBC’s This Is Us, where viewers were left with way more questions than answers at the conclusion of “Her,” the much-anticipated ending to what creator Dan Fogelman called the “midway point” of the series to The Hollywood Reporter.

[The following contains spoilers from the finale of Season 3.]

While the season-ender did resolve many of the questions that were taunting viewers throughout the show’s third season, including whether Randall and Beth’s marriage would survive and the fate of baby Jack, it also left fans with plenty of head-scratchers as the show wrapped what could be considered as important a season as the show’s second, when viewers learned how family patriarch Jack Pearson really died.

It also set the stage for how the show will move forward through the next three seasons, which is the arc Fogelman has set, despite the fact that Season 4 of This is Us has not “officially” been ordered as yet, reported THR.

Fogelman revealed in an interview with THR that while he would not confirm exactly what occurs to Rebecca in the later stages of her life, he stated that some details have been “heavily mapped out,” including “where we’re ending and where we’re starting next season.”

“I don’t think there would be any real way for anybody to try and guess where those things are going, because they wouldn’t be able to get it right.”

“There’s a distance to transverse between them [the Pearson family] coming together at the end of this episode in the present and where they get to hopefully in the future,” he continued. “Next season is a very past-heavy season. We’re going to play in time in a surprising way as we move forward into next seasons of the show. At a certain point, our present becomes our past.”

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The final scene, which threw many viewers for a complete loop, was juxtaposed with images of the Big Three as kids visiting their mom Rebecca in the hospital after a car accident where she broke her arm and was banged up pretty badly, while moving forward into the future as they gathered to visit Rebecca once again at Kevin’s house.

In the final moments of the show, set in the future, Randall and Tess meet Beth at Kevin’s house where he lives with his son. Toby arrives, thanks Randall for inviting him, and says he talked to Jack and that they would be coming as well, but there was no clarification as to who “they” were since Toby was seen without his wedding ring. Kevin was not there, as his young son revealed he was picking up food for everyone. Also not in the scene were Miguel, Kate, Deja, Zoe, and Annie.

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Everyone gathered to see “Her,” who turned out to be an older Rebecca, who was lying in bed and appeared to be uncertain of her surroundings. The stunner came when Randall, in a flashback and forward juxtaposition of scenes, opens the door and introduced himself to his mother, only to find his Uncle Nicky, Jack Pearson’s brother, seated in a chair nearby.

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