'Little People' Star Jeremy Roloff Confesses 'Porn' Habits Threatened His Marriage

Amy Feinstein

Former Little People, Big World stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff portray their relationship as close to perfect, but in their new book, A Love Letter Life, they talk about some pitfalls along the way in their four-year marriage.

RadarOnline says that Jeremy Roloff, who along with wife Audrey decided to leave the popular show, takes responsibility for scarring their marriage by looking at pornography online. Roloff says that he was portraying himself as a pious Christian, but still looking at images of other women on the computer even after he started dating his now wife, Audrey.

"I had wandering eyes when it came to risqué images and social media profiles I had no business looking at."
"I know many men who excuse their porn habit because there is no nudity, but the sin of porn can happen in the mind with or without articles of clothing, no matter whether it's on an Instagram feed or an explicit website."

"I realized I was a hypocrite. I said I believed one thing but acted out another in secret, and I was breaking down, whether or not I recognized it."
"Audrey was devastated. My behavior had fractured our trust, scarred our intimacy, and broken our unity."

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff said that they left the TLC series to have a more "private life" before launching the book on their relationship.