‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Summer Stuns Jack And Billy

Sonja FlemmingCBS

New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that a desperate Jack and Billy get some help for Jabot from an unexpected source — Summer.

Although Jack (Peter Bergman) confidently started a war with Ashley (Eileen Davidson), reality soon sets in. Jack and Billy (Jason Thompson) attempt to brainstorm what to do for Jabot without any products and without a chemist to create any. For now, they’re stuck with a real dilemma, and they need some out of the box thinking to help them.

Out of the box is exactly what Summer (Hunter King) gives them, too, according to She Knows Soaps. Summer is living at the Abbott mansion with Kyle (Micheal Mealor), so when she walks in on an impromptu strategy meeting, Kyle insists that a reluctant Jack and Billy let her stay. Sure, Summer is supposed to be working for Newman Enterprises, her mother just lost out on her position as CEO of Jabot, and she slept with Billy last year right before he left for rehab, so why wouldn’t Summer help the Abbott family business? Of course, the conflict of interest is just one of many strange realities of Summer and Kyle’s unorthodox union.

Summer tells Jack all about unboxing videos. Jabot needs to be about the entire look instead of cosmetics and skincare only. The newlywed had plenty to add to the brainstorming session complete with details about social media and stylists. Summer has a lot of great ideas, and she gives them to the new Jabot team for free. Jack and Billy are duly impressed by Summer’s help, but it’s too bad that Kyle still has his mind on Lola (Sasha Calle).


Before she wowed the elder Abbotts, Summer and Kyle once again made love, but unfortunately for Summer, Kyle looked at a picture of Lola right after they finished. Summer picked up Kyle’s phone and saw the image too. While she’s able to help Kyle’s family’s company, she might not be able to get Kyle’s mind off Lola and onto her.

It looks like Summer still has a long way to go before she makes Kyle forget all about Lola. Of course, considering they keep getting intimate, perhaps Summer has baby plans in her future as a way to keep Kyle tied to her permanently.

Summer manages to shock Billy once more too. She spies Victoria (Amelia Heinle) in a selfie with the band the Bloody Thorns. They’re all hanging out together in Vegas, and Billy is worried.