‘Growing Up Chrisley’ Set To Debut As Insiders Claim Savannah And Chase ‘Literally Cannot Stand Each Other’

Terry WyattGetty Images for The Kevin Carter Foundation

Fans of the Chrisley family will finally get to check out the new spinoff show featuring Todd and Julie’s kids Savannah and Chase. Growing Up Chrisley debuts Tuesday night on the USA Network, but insiders claim that the relationship between the siblings is filled with drama and that the two have a legitimate distaste for one another when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Chrisley Knows Best fans are used to watching Savannah and Chase bicker on screen, but it has always seemed like there was a lot of love under the surface. After buzz over a spinoff swirled for quite some time, the siblings finally have their own show ready to air and that brother-sister bickering will surely be central to the series.

However, a source for Radar Online says that Chase and Savannah act quite differently when they are not in the spotlight.

“Savannah and Chase literally cannot stand each other in real life and it’s really interesting to watch them pretend like they like their lives because it is so far from the truth.”

As Growing Up Chrisley airs, viewers will see Chase pursuing an acting career as Savannah promotes her clothing and accessory line. A source close to the family claims that both siblings are relying on their spinoff to promote their new endeavors because they know they don’t have anything else to fall back on once the family’s main series eventually ends.

The insider also signals that Chase and Savannah are fairly oblivious to the reality of how they are perceived.

“They do not understand that they are not kids anymore and that people do not like to watch spoiled adults!”

The premise of Growing Up Chrisley is that Savannah and Chase will head to Los Angeles with the hopes of making it big. Their dad Todd is seemingly giving them three months to find success or else he’ll pull the plug on supporting this pursuit. It seems that Nanny Faye, Todd’s mom, is going along for the ride, and it looks like there will be plenty of scenes involving Todd and Julie as well.

Will fans of Chrisley Knows Best tune in and embrace Savannah and Chase’s adventures in Growing Up Chrisley? Will this supposed distaste for one another come through on camera or will the duo manage to keep things lighthearted and entertaining? The Chrisley-focused spinoff debuts Tuesday, April 2, on the USA Network, and it looks like it’ll be quite the ride.