Olivia Culpo’s Instagram Workout Video Puts Full Cleavage On Display

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When you’re a former Miss Universe, it’s expected that you look the part. Olivia Culpo has become one of 2019’s biggest sensations, and it isn’t rocket science why.

On April 2, the 26-year-old model and actress updated her Instagram with a cleavage-centric workout video that isn’t for the fainthearted. Appearing to answer prior fan queries regarding her fitness, Culpo is seen engaging in a series of grueling squats, leg lifts, and ab reps.

When The Rock updates with a workout video, all eyes are on the muscles. While Culpo’s ultra-toned legs, abs, and booty are on show, there’s no denying that the cleavage draws the eye. Wearing a teal-metallic sports bra with matching leggings, Culpo is dressed the part. Her outfit prompts a series of fashion-related queries, but the majority of the comments send out love to Olivia herself.

“You don’t get THAT by lying on the couch.”

While one fan points out the reality of acquiring a super-fit body, another expresses envy over one part of the video – Culpo is working out with the help of Peter Mollo. She even gives her trainer a shout-out in the caption. Hard grind is the vibe most of the way through, although Culp does start off light by jumping off a small stand and blowing a kiss.

The April 2 video comes one day after The Inquisitr reported this beauty flashing some major sideboob in a racy swimsuit selfie.

For anyone keen on cleavage, the video seems to cater nicely. Olivia’s low-cut bra offers a glimpse of her cleavage from virtually every angle, although this girl’s rear is right up there with it.

Dripping sweat today she might, but Olivia Culpo is a veritable chameleon. Her international jet-setting is well-chronicled via her Instagram, her fashionista ways likewise, and this girl’s foodie pics are basically goals. In February 2019, Culpo posted a picture of herself enjoying a hand-stretched pizza in the Italian city of Milan. Bikini pics seem infinitely more popular, though.

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Life’s a beach ???? ☀️ ❤️

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Five days ago, Culpo took to Instagram in a plunging string bikini that left little to the imagination. While no location was provided, the post did come shortly before a more-clothed one with a Miami, Florida, location. As of April 2 though, the location is the gym.

Olivia joins the wave of celebrities regularly taking to social media to post workout photos and videos. Kim and Khloe Kardashian seem to do it virtually every week. Demi Lovato joins them. Olivia is already part of the crew, so it would seem (and her 3.8 million followers are definitely keen).