Taylor Swift’s Stalker Faces Up To Four Years In Prison

Rich PolkGetty Images for iHeartMedia

A man accused of breaking into Taylor Swift’s apartment faces two to four years in jail after taking a plea deal, reports The Blast.

According to Page Six, Roger Alvarado pleaded to criminal contempt and agreed to accept an order of protection in exchange for the sentence.

On March 7, he flew from Florida to New York and took a taxi to Swift’s Manhattan townhouse, violating his probation and an order of protection against him.

“The defendant was observed on video surveillance removing a ladder from a nearby construction site, climbing up the side of the building and walking across the complaining witness’s patio,” said Assistant District Attorney Caitlyn Jaile.

Alvarado smashed a glass door with a concrete block, causing more than $4,000 in damage. Swift’s Nashville security detail witnessed the break-in as it happened and notified 911. Within minutes, police arrived to find Alvarado by himself on the patio.

Swift was not home when the incident occurred.

In a jailhouse interview with The Post, Alvarado said he didn’t regret forcing his way into Swift’s home and would likely do it again, barring any violence against the pop star.

“I don’t want to hurt her. I just wanted to speak to her, to talk to her. She seems nice [and] cool,” he said.

He expressed excitement when told of a recent article in which Swift discussed a troubling situation with a stalker.

Alvarado also would not explain his obsession with the recording artist, saying that he listens to many other genres of music and that she is not a favorite singer of his.

The incident occurred only one month after Alvarado served time for breaking into the same apartment. On April 20, 2018, he broke in, used the star’s shower, and took a nap on her bed. He pleaded guilty to criminal contempt and burglary and served a sentence of six months behind bars. He also received five years of probation.

He’s set to return to Manhattan Supreme Court for sentencing on April 14.

According to The Blast, Swift had recently settled a lawsuit concerning the purchase of the same residence Alvarado is accused of breaking into.

Prominent real estate company Douglas Elliman sued Taylor Swift’s Firefly Entertainment, alleging they were cheated out of commission from a 2017 sale of the New York townhouse to Swift.

The company claimed they were “wrongfully excluded” from the $18 million deal and are suing for $1,080,000 in unpaid commission allegedly owed to them.

In January, a federal court judge ruled that Swift was not required to pay out the commission.