Meghan Markle Reportedly Requested A Tiara For Fiji Dinner, But Charles Said No

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Though Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, dazzled in a royal blue Safiyaa at a state dinner hosted last October by Fijian president Jioji Konrote, the look was reportedly originally envisioned differently by the duchess.

According to The Daily Mail, Meghan had originally hoped to wear a jeweled tiara from the Royal Collection to complete the ensemble. The Royal Collection is famously the largest private collection of jewelry and art in the world.

Prince Charles allegedly denied the request, as he thought a tiara would be seen as too “extravagant” in a country where the monthly wage is just $521, according to UN estimates. Charles worried the tiara would “not be keeping with modern monarchy,” according to an aide.

“Meghan did not understand all of this because she was new to the role and so Prince Charles told her that it would not be appropriate. It was very kindly done.”

Prince Charles is possibly particularly sensitive to royal actions for trips involving the Commonwealth as he was voted last year to succeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, as head of the organization.

The Commonwealth is an international association comprised of 53 countries that had historical ties to the British empire. Fiji was only readmitted to the Commonwealth in 2014; it had been suspended in 2006 after a coup d’etat.

Aides insist that Charles wants to show proper respect and regard to each member state.

Despite the tiara mishap, the Duchess of Sussex and her father-in-law Prince Charles reportedly have a very good relationship. Charles even stepped in to walk Meghan down the aisle when her own father was unable to attend the royal wedding due to health complications.

And though Markle might have been disappointed about the tiara, she still was able to wow guests at the Grand Pacific Hotel with a pair of stunning diamond earrings.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry walk down stairs in black tie
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Ironically, on the evening of Meghan’s state dinner, her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, donned a tiara for her own gala. The tiara was the Cambridge Lover’s Knot, a piece made famous by Princess Diana. The event was a dinner in honor of the king and queen of the Netherlands.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton in a tiara
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This is not the first time that Meghan Markle has been caught up in tiara drama. The Daily Mail reported last November that the duchess had originally requested an emerald tiara for her wedding.

As the tiara was of unknown Russian origin, the queen allegedly denied the request. When Prince Harry received the news, he reportedly “hit the roof,” prompting the queen to step in and “have words” with her grandson.

Meghan was instead given a diamond, center-stone adorned filigree tiara, which she paired with a simple but elegant Givenchy wedding dress and a 16-foot veil that was appropriately embroidered with the flowers of each commonwealth nation, along with the California poppy in honor of her home state.