Jax Taylor Poses With Fiancée Brittany Cartwright After Telling Stassi Schroeder He Still Has Feelings For Her

Slaven VlasicGetty Images

Jax Taylor is finally the voice of reason on Vanderpump Rules. The Bravo star has emerged as a wise and sympathetic soul in the seventh season of the hit reality show, but he still knows how to pull a fast one—and on April Fools’ Day, no less.

This week’s Vanderpump Rules was filmed months ago during a cast trip to Mexico, but a happily engaged Jax pulled a prank that appropriately aired on April Fools’ Day when he told ex-girlfriend Stassi Schroeder that he still has feelings for her. The shocker occurred after Stassi got into another argument with her boyfriend Beau and Jax tried to console her during a group swim at a waterfall. Jax Taylor confessed his “feelings” for Stassi when the two were alone in the water, per People.

“Actually, you know what? I do have something to tell you. Now is probably as good a time as any. I just want you to know I still have feelings for you.”

Stassi, who dated Jax Taylor several years ago and knows all of his tricks, shot back by telling him, “You’re so f***ing lame!”

Taylor then admitted he couldn’t go through with his joke and the two began laughing.

Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder dated on and off during the first two seasons of Vanderpump Rules, and their relationship was not exactly something to laugh about. Taylor reportedly cheated on Stassi with her best pal Kristen Doute, and he may have had a one-nighter with a random woman in Las Vegas. The exes have worked hard to overcome their rocky past and maintain a sweet friendship, and last summer Jax proposed to fellow Vanderpump Rules star Brittany Cartwright.

After the episode aired, Jax Taylor posted a sweet throwback photo of the couple’s trip to Hotel Moussai in Mexico. It is clear that Jax and Brittany are as happy together as ever. Fans took to the comments section to write that Jax Taylor has come “a long way” since his early days on Vanderpump Rules. Others noted that Jax and Brittany are relationship goals.


But it almost seemed like a Twilight Zone situation to hear Jax giving Stassi Schroeder advice on her love life.

Jax told Stassi she has found “a gem” with her boyfriend Beau Clark, admitting he has “a little man crush” on him. Stassi later took to a confessional to admit she can’t believe how much Jax Taylor has changed over the past decade.

“After 10 years of Jax acting like a caveman on spring break, now he’s waxing poetic? And, I hate saying this, but he’s not wrong,” Stassi said.

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.