Kim Kardashian Reveals She Might Name Her New Baby After Her Brother Rob

Roy RochlinGetty Images

Kim Kardashian revealed on national TV that she is thinking about naming her fourth child after her younger brother.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, the 38-year-old, who’s having a new baby via surrogate with husband Kanye West, said that she’s been considering naming the baby boy Rob as a tribute to her sibling. Kim was joined by her sisters, Kourtney, 39, and Khloe, 34, with the late-night host telling them they looked like the “Avengers” when they stepped out on stage for the special Las Vegas show.

When Jimmy asked the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star if she and Kanye had any preferred names, she started by saying she had been googling Armenian boys’ names, but that none were appealing enough for her, so they were still thinking about it.

“Actually, I do have one name. I was truthfully thinking about just naming him Rob, [after] my brother,” Kim revealed, before admitting that it probably would contrast with the quirky names of her three current kids, as per The Daily Mail.

“Then it’s North, Saint, Chicago – Rob… It doesn’t, like, really go. But I really was feeling that, and my brother approved that. So that’s our one kind of name,” she said.

The beauty mogul then said they “take a family survey” whenever a new Kardashian baby is born, sometimes even waiting a few days “nameless” until they reach a consensus. Kourtney, who’s turning 40 in a couple of weeks, chimed in, revealing that she took a full week to pick her son Reign’s name because her then-partner, Scott Disick, wanted to name him Preston. She said she agreed to call the baby by different names to see which one would fit and smiled when admitting that Preston “didn’t work out.”

As expected, Jimmy also grilled Khloe about her relationship with NBA star Tristan Thompson, who’s the father of her baby daughter True. Tristan was at the center of several public cheating scandals while he was with the reality TV star, the latest of which also involved Kylie Jenner’s close friend, Jordyn Woods.

Dubbing him “this character that you had a baby with,” the presenter asked, “Is it time to stop dating basketball players?” which was greeted with huge cheers from the crowd. The question was also in reference to Khloe’s ex, basketball player Lamar Odom, and their turbulent marriage.

“I like what I like, what can I say?” Khloe shyly replied, adding that she should listen to her grandmother’s advice and just “date accountants or something like that.” Fans of the family can catch the new season of KUWTK on E! network.