Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Hiatus’ Short-Lived: Actor Involved In New Thriller

Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio decided to take a hiatus from acting to focus on his charity work for his environmental activism (and not his Oscar snub)? It looks like that hiatus might end before it ever truly began, as DiCaprio has now been attached to Scott Cooper’s new thriller.

The film appropriately titled The Road Home, dips into the 1930s crime genre, which is based on Michael Armour’s upcoming novel of the same name. According to Deadline Warner Bros has already decided to ink a deal to distribute the film. Scott Cooper, who directed and wrote 2009’s Crazy Heart will do the same for The Road Home in the form of an adaptation.

In The Road Home the main character, Creek, is an average war veteran who settles down as a rancher in Depression Era California. Soon after, he’s approached to look into a grizzly local murder that the police have covered up. Eventually Creek finds himself in way over his head as he uncovers a small town conspiracy.

DiCaprio’s newest film is said to be pretty gritty, and even though right now he’s just attached to produce the film, it still solidifies the fact that he’s invested in the industry, and that the industry is just as invested in him. This is the second collaboration between Leonardo DiCaprio and Scott Cooper. Their first semi-quasi collaboration is an upcoming film titled Out of the Furnace. However, Christian Bales replaced him, and DiCaprio went on to film Martin Scorcese’s The Wolf of Wall Street instead.

There’s no telling if DiCaprio will star in the film, but we’re betting that he just might. Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio is going to quit the business?