Hailey Bieber Is Not Pregnant, Justin Sets The Record Straight On Instagram

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Editor’s note: Yes, this was an April Fools’ Day joke.

Justin and Hailey Bieber have a baby on the way. No, this is not an April Fools’ Day joke, which Justin proved in his latest Instagram photo. Within minutes of sharing a sonogram to the social media site, which many fans believed to be fake, the singer added a few shots of Hailey’s blossoming baby bump being looked at by doctors. Could it be an elaborate prank or is it the real deal?

The photos showed Hailey under a white sheet with her black shirt pulled up, revealing her tummy, which she cradled in her hands. One nurse stood beside her and felt Hailey’s bump, while another sat at the end of Hailey’s chair.

“If U thought it was April fools,” Justin simply captioned the photo.

The post garnered over a million likes in under 20 minutes. Fans and friends took to the comments to congratulate the newlywed couple on the big news, while others are still questioning its legitimacy.

“A miracle,” actor Kyle Massey wrote with heart emojis.

“Still not convinced tho…” YouTuber Brent Rivera said.

“Either you’re really committed to this prank or…” one fan added.

While the new photo set does seem pretty convincing, a few details from the previous sonogram picture led fans to believe it wasn’t real, according to Cosmpolitan. Justin added the black and white photo with no caption on Monday afternoon. Many Instagram users were quick to point out the obvious flaw in his announcement: it came on April 1, the day of pranks.

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Moreover, fans noticed that the baby on the sonogram appears to be very developed, which wouldn’t line up with Hailey’s new pregnancy. The sonogram was also dated February 2.

Several users called out the joke, writing “April Fools!” in the comments. Others didn’t catch on to the fake sonogram.

“I’m not ready,” one person said.

“Wait, is this true?” another added.

Hailey has not posted anything baby-related to her Instagram feed yet. Perhaps fans will see a real sonogram in the future, but for the rest of April Fools’ Day, it may be best to remain skeptical.

Children are not entirely out of the question for the couple, as it was recently revealed that Hailey and Justin are discussing the matter. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Hailey and Justin are “leaving the timing up to God.”

“They love the idea of becoming parents,” a source close to the couple said. “They believe that if it happens, it was God’s will.”