One Direction Bodyguards Allegedly 'Hand Pick' Only The Best Looking Girls For The Band's Afterparties

According to the latest reports, One Direction groupies are only chosen to attend the band's afterparties if they meet the requisite standards of sexiness and beauty required, as decided by bodyguards and security staff.

For example, 19-year-old One direction enthusiast Anna sent a picture of herself to the security people with the message, "A couple missing but we are all ready to go."

Anna told reporters that she was instructed to round up other young girls to attend afterparties by the band's security detail.

Anna revealed, "I feel pretty naive about it now. It's obvious what has been going on."

Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik has previously been linked to 19-year-old Lauren Richardson, who told friends that she was invited to a 1D pool party in Thailand based on her looks.

Apparently, the young and good-looking partygoers are picked up in private cars and taken to parties. Their contact details are then retained by bodyguards for future parties.

Anna spoke about how things worked when it came to getting invited to a 1D party. She said a security guard got in touch with her.

"He was very blunt," Anna said. "He wanted 20 girls and pictures sending straight away. It turns out they keep lists of girls from different places around the world – not with their real names though. They use nicknames to describe them."

As Anna said, "There were four of us in the end who went to the band's house outside Melbourne. The security team arranged to pick us up from a hotel, and sent a blacked-out car to fetch us and took our phones off us. One of their team came up to our hotel room and picked us up, but then sent us on ahead separately to a waiting car to avoid being spotted with us. It was all very well organised and ­deliberately discreet."

On top of that, according to Anna, the bodyguards "told us he couldn't be seen with us in the lobby or leaving the hotel, but I didn't understand why. When we got there I found there was another group of three girls who said the same thing had happened to them. We were there till the early hours and, as I left, security wanted to take my number and said they would be in touch. The next day the security man called and wanted 20 girls for another party. They said Zayn, Louis and Niall would be there."

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