April 1, 2019
'Vanderpump Rules' Star Stassi Schroeder Says She Was Secretly A Member Of Scientology

Stassi Schroeder's new book Next Level Basic drops several bombshells, but the most shocking may be that the Vanderpump Rules star was a secret member of the Church of Scientology. According to Radar, the reality star was hooked up with the church after her then-boyfriend Jax Taylor did a commercial for them and they asked the couple to come in for a visit.

In her book Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic B***h Handbook, which hits shelves on April 16, Stassi says that when she was 22 and had just landed in Los Angeles, Jax asked her to meet with some representatives from the church. He told her he had talked about her and they were interested in a meeting.

At first, she says, she laughed at the idea. She told Jax that he was "out of his mind" and scoffed at the idea of considering the "science fiction, L. Ron Hubbard, alien movie, Tom-Cruise-couch-jumping religion."

But she went to a meeting anyway.

"When we went to the Scientology center we met with Tom Cruise's mentor. The guy threw out Tom Cruise's name like four hundred million times to make sure we knew who we were dealing with," she said.

After that, she says the Scientology mentor took her on a tour of the building and it was decidedly strange.

"After our weird-a** office visit, he walked us around the building and everyone we saw was in the happiest mood. It was... like a cult."
Things didn't improve from there. At that point, Stassi and Jax were separated and made to watch a bizarre video.

"Then Tom Cruise's mentor said Jax and I were going to be separated, and he took me into a room alone to watch a video that involved a kid eating a boiled egg and then witnessing a car accident," she recalled.

At that point, Stassi was dragged into joining the religion and ushered into a class full of people with her new Scientology textbook, which she and Jax each paid $100 for.

The straw that broke the camel's back is when Stassi was told she couldn't drink before class. She podcaster wanted a vodka the evening before her Scientology education, she says. Then the teacher asked them to talk to aliens, and that's when they decided to leave for good.

Stassi's new book, which features more than just her bizarre fling with Scientology, is full of tips for embracing your "basic" essence. The new author will be touring the U.S. as part of her book promotion, so you may be able to catch the star in a city near you.