Tennis Star Sania Mirza Flaunts Slender Physique After 50-Pound Weight Loss

Kevin LeeGetty Images

After giving birth to her first child in October 2018, six-time Grand Slam champion Sania Mirza saw herself with about 50 extra pounds that she wanted to get rid of. Just five months later, the 32-year-old tennis player took to her Instagram page to share a few snapshots of herself in a gorgeous deep blue gown that showcases her very slender body, as The Times of India recently noted.

In the photo, Mirza is donning an elegant dress that consists of a long velvet skirt and a top in the same color featuring details in white. A stylish light brown belt with a delicate gold buckle sits right along where the bottom and top meet, adding an extra pop of life to the gown. In a pose that highlights her slender midsection and arms, Mirza has both of her hands pocket hidden in the skirt of the dress.

During her pregnancy, Mirza reached almost 200 pounds, according to a separate report by The Times of India, and had to work hard to shed the extra weight after delivering Izhaan, her baby boy with cricket player Shoaib Malik. She achieved her weight loss thanks to a whole lot of discipline, which saw her hitting the gym just 15 days postpartum, The Times of India further detailed.

The new mom began sharing her weight-loss journey on her Instagram page with the accompanying hashtag “#mummahustles.” The tennis star explained that the reason she includes the hashtag on my social media stories “is to show as a mother you can still be fit and you can still live a certain life.”

“It doesn’t mean your life is over because you have become a mother, your life has just begun,” Mirza is quoted as saying in the article.

However, not everyone thinks that what Mirza is doing is praiseworthy, with some social media users often using the comments section of her Instagram posts to argue that she is causing harm by telling new moms that they should or can lose as much weight as fast as the athlete did.

“You people are making it hard for normal mothers like us. Everyone gains weight during pregnancy. But due breastfeeding and other conditions like c section and all, most of them are not able to lose weight fast. And when people see you and us, they fat shame us saying look they lost weight so fast, then why can’t you,” one user harshly put it on her most recent post.