'My 600-LB Life' Star Janine Mueller Reveals Scoop On Current Status Ahead Of 'Where Are They Now?' Show

Janine Mueller appeared on Season 6 of TLC's My 600-LB Life and she is slated to share some updates during an upcoming "Where Are They Now?" special. While contestants are supposed to lay low when it comes to revealing details and photos ahead of these types of televised updates, it seems that Mueller accidentally let some information slip that has now made its way online. Is it good news or bad news for Mueller and her journey since first appearing on the show?

Starcasm shares the details on what Mueller recently shared. They note that when Janine first appeared on My 600-LB Life, she had lost 112 pounds during her journey with Dr. Now and fans loved her upbeat attitude. As The Inquisitr detailed previously, Janine relied on a motorized scooter to get around and simply getting on the plane to fly to Houston for the show was a major ordeal.

Mueller is originally from Seattle, Washington, but she moved to Houston, Texas, as she began filming My 600-LB Life. Janine remained in Texas after filming and she even joked recently in a Facebook post that she speaks like a Texan now and is doing well.

While Mueller noted in her Facebook post that she isn't supposed to share any pictures yet, it seems one recent one has emerged. Starcasm shares the selfie that Janine took that shows her near a rack of magazines. It looks like she is still using her scooter, but her face is noticeably slimmer and she looks happy and like she has lost a significant amount of weight.

In addition, the site shared an exchange Mueller apparently shared with a friend or follower on Facebook. The person noted that Janine looked amazing, and Mueller said that she was down to 312 pounds as of her last weigh-in. That means that she's lost 200 more pounds since first appearing on My 600-LB Life, and that is definitely an impressive result for Janine.

The debut date for the upcoming "Where Are They Now?" special has not been detailed yet, but it will likely air in six weeks or so once Season 6 wraps up. While Mueller didn't intend on spoiling anything for My 600-LB Life fans, those who remember her story from Season 6 are excited for her and anxious to see the full update in the upcoming special.

Janine Mueller may still have a lot of work ahead of her to hit her ultimate goal, but she has made amazing progress since first flying to Houston to do the show. My 600-LB Life fans will be excited to see a full segment on her accomplishments and current life, and it sounds like they will get to see all of that in a matter of weeks.