‘One Piece’ Episode 878 Reveals Sanji And Nami’s New Power, Luffy’s New Title, And Upcoming Arc

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One Piece Episode 878 started with Shanks, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, holding a newspaper featuring his close friend and Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy. Before the details of the news were revealed, the latest episode of One Piece showed a flashback of Luffy and Shanks at the Windmill Village.

The flashback featured several interesting scenes including how Luffy got the scar under his right eye, how he became a devil fruit eater, and how Shanks lost one of his arms. After what the mountain bandits did to Shanks at Makino’s bar, Luffy first thought that the Red Hair Pirates were cowards. However, Luffy started to respect and idolize them after seeing how they easily defeated the mountain bandits to save him.

Before they parted ways, Luffy told Shanks that he would gather his own crew, find One Piece, and become the next Pirate King. After hearing those words, Shanks decided to give Luffy the infamous straw hat and told him to give it back to him when he already reached his level. One Piece Episode 878 ended with Shanks reading a newspaper that says that Luffy became the Fifth Emperor of the Sea.

One Piece Episode 878 also showed Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates on their way to Wano Country. While being treated, Luffy found a mysterious object inside his pocket. It was revealed to be one of the Raid Suits owned by the Germa 66. Both Luffy and Tony Tony Chopper wanted to obtain the power of the Raid Suit, believing that it will enable them to shoot laser beams. However, they realized that only the member of the Vinsmoke family can activate the Raid Suit.

Because of the hatred with his family, Sanji refused to use the Raid Suit. However, in the ongoing One Piece Wano Arc in the manga, Sanji has already used Raid Suit No. 3, also known as “Stealth Black.” Raid Suit No. 3 allows the user to become invisible, the power Sanji dreamt of having since he was a kid. Aside from Sanji, Nami also got a new power, Zeus. Zeus, who was created from Emperor Big Mom’s soul, decided to become Nami’s slave in exchange for feeding him with thunderclouds.

One Piece Episode 878 revealed all the information in the newspaper. It narrated everything that happened on Whole Cake Island, especially the failed assassination of Emperor Big Mom. However, Morgans, the president of the World Economic Journal and one of the emperors of the Underworld, exaggerated some information and claimed that Luffy was the mastermind of the assassination. The news spread all around the world and drew mixed reactions from several prominent personalities, including former Warlord Crocodile, Emperor Kaido, Navy Fleet Admiral Akainu, Princess Shirahoshi, and Princess Vivi.

With the One Piece Whole Cake Island arc officially over, the next arc is set to start soon. The upcoming arc will focus on the gathering of all the world leaders called the Reverie.