‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Willow Is Warned, Kristina Crosses A Line, And Gail’s Wishes Are Revealed

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers tease that the week of April 1 will be another wild one. People are scrambling to maintain secrets, but bombshells may be on the verge of dropping and fans cannot wait.

Viewers watched last week as Willow panicked and prepared to leave Port Charles due to Shiloh’s presence and then decided to stay instead. She’s anxious to protect Wiley while Chase is anxious to protect her, but General Hospital spoilers via Soap Central note that she’ll be receiving a warning from someone this week.

Kristina is completely blinded by Shiloh’s charm, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she’ll fall even deeper under his spell over these next few episodes. She will spend time with Daisy at one point, and She Knows Soaps reveals that during Wednesday’s show, she’ll cross a line.

Months ago, when it was revealed that Gail had passed, Alexis shared that Gail’s will had a mysterious challenge of sorts. Viewers will finally learn more about this as Tuesday’s show airs.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Alexis will pull Scott, Bobbie, Monica, Laura, Mac, Felicia, and Elizabeth together to fill them in on the mission Gail created. It’s not known yet exactly what this entails, but it’s going to be significant, and this all happens to sync with the show celebrating its 56th anniversary.

There’s drama ahead as Nina lashes out over Maxie running another DNA test on Sasha, and General Hospital spoilers share that Valentin will be telling more lies. Franco will confront Kevin, and it sounds as if Lucy may use this chaotic time to get closer to Kevin herself.

Sam and Jason will sneak in some alone time and Michael will lean on Sonny. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Kim will get a new dose of bad news, and Josslyn will reach out to her mom Carly for some reason. Anna will try to give Peter some advice, and Maxie will struggle with the emotions she’s experiencing as her relationship with Peter deepens.

This week also brings a dinner out for Stella and Curtis as well as an update of sorts for Jordan. General Hospital spoilers add that Laura will be struggling this week as she tries to figure out how to move forward after the betrayal she endured via Kevin’s secretive actions.

General Hospital spoilers tease that there is something for everyone this week, and it looks as if Tuesday’s show may incorporate a lot of flashback scenes that long-time viewers will surely love. The action will be intense during the week of April 1, and viewers won’t want to miss any of the chaos ahead.