Briana DeJesus Says She And Boyfriend Are ‘Taking Things Slow’ As One-Year Anniversary Approaches

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Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 has managed to keep her one-year relationship with boyfriend John Rodriguez relatively quiet. However, the couple seems to be doing great as their one-year anniversary approaches and, in a new interview with E! News, Briana opened up about her relationship and revealed that they are still “taking things slow.”

“We’re not looking into having any kids right now. We’re not looking into moving in together. We’re not looking into getting married. We’re just enjoying each other and taking things how it is,” Briana said about her relationship.

Briana is the mother of two young girls, Nova and Stella, but it doesn’t sound like she is looking to add a sibling for them into the mix anytime soon. Briana has also never been married and appears that she isn’t in any rush to walk down the aisle with John, even if their relationship is going strong.

Even though their relationship is long-distance, John has met Briana’s daughters and, according to Briana, everyone gets along. However, the mom of two explained that her girls only know John as Briana’s friend.

“Nova only knows John as my friend. I’ve never introduced Nova to John as my boyfriend. I don’t plan on doing that any time soon.”

She explained that when Nova is around, the couple doesn’t show any affection, but rather they keep it “super friendly, super cool.”

Fans may have noticed that Briana doesn’t share too many photos of herself with her boyfriend on social media. It turns out there is a reason why she is keeping things pretty private and opting not to share on social media.

“I feel like that’s a whole other world and people can be mean and cruel so I just want to keep our relationship private as much as possible.”

Briana has been doing a pretty good job at keeping her relationship private. While he has appeared briefly on the hit reality show, it turns out he may be at the upcoming reunion, too.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, at one point Briana said she would not be going to the reunion, but ultimately said she would be there. She revealed on Twitter that she would be attending the reunion in New York along with her mother and sister and revealed that ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin and John will be there as well. She added that she wasn’t sure “how she felt” about that.

It is unclear when the Teen Mom 2 reunion will air on MTV, but it is being filmed this weekend. Until then, fans can catch up with an all-new episode of Teen Mom 2 Monday night.