Fans Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Can Watch Throwback First Season Of Series On Tubi

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Fans of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and The Bachelor in Paradise can spend their downtime as they await the upcoming season of The Bachelorette to drop on ABC by watching some OG episodes of the first season of the series that aired before the show became the pop culture icon it currently is.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the streaming service Tubi will have available for viewing the first season of The Bachelor, which aired in 2002, as well as The Bachelorette, which first aired in 2003. The service will also offer Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise. The service is free.

Compared to the elaborate dates and mansion the current set of shows offer the prospective couples and viewers, the first seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette were extremely low-key. For instance, the very first Fantasy Suite date, between then Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter, came after she asked him to spend the night with her in her room, without all the extensive prep the show now goes through to make the experience as romantic as possible.

Entertainment Weekly made a tongue-in-cheek reference to the first Fantasy Suite as “a Residence Inn, but with more rose petals.”

After being rejected on the first season of The Bachelor by businessman Alex Michel, fan-favorite Trista was asked to star in the gender-reversed first season of The Bachelorette, the first time a woman was given power over her relationships with a man in the infant stages of what would become the phenomenon that is now reality television.

Just before accepting Ryan’s proposal, Trista famously said, “Today is a day I have dreamt about my entire life since I was a little girl, I had visions of a man I could see a future with, but someone whose face was always blurred until now. I see a white dress, and I see it with you. You stepped out of my dreams and into my world.”

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Do you ever hear a song and think that the writer was speaking to you? Was speaking about you? Even if it is just a phrase or a line or a chorus? Every time I hear @kelseaballerini sing the words: “We wrote our own story...full of blood, sweat, and heartbeats. We didn’t do it for the fame or the glory. We just did it for you and me”, I know she must’ve watched 2 crazy kids fall in love on the first season of @bacheloretteabc...right, Kelsea?! ???? ???????? ha! A girl can dream. And 15 years ago, I was in a wedding day. A beautiful day with a beautiful man to start a beautiful life. @ryansutter thank you for 15 years (what?!!! How could it be 15 years?!) of blood, sweat, and heartbeats. Thank you for loving me for me...not fame or glory or just to “win” that final rose. You and our family are the best part of our story and I can’t wait to see what the next 15 years brings and the 15 after that and the 15 after that. ❤️ Happy Anniversary babe!!! Ilu more. #tbt #hif #wewroteourownstory #gratefulforourstory #happyanniversary

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The couple wed in spectacular fashion in a special broadcast of their wedding, which was done as a mini-series, Trista & Ryan’s Wedding. It was watched by 26 million viewers. This special will also be available on Tubi.

In 2018, the couple celebrated their 15th anniversary as a married couple. Sutter posted a throwback photo of their nuptials on Instagram, honoring their unorthodox meeting and marriage with a sentimental post.

The couple shares two children, son Maxwell, born in 2007, and daughter Blakesley, born in 2009.

These sentimental OG episodes of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and Trista and Ryan’s Wedding will be available April 1 on Tubi.