Ben Foster Replaces Shia LaBeouf In ‘Orphans’ On Broadway

That was fast! Ben Foster is set to replace Shia LaBeouf on the Broadway stage in “Orphans.” The show, which was supposed to star LaBeouf alongside veteran Alec Baldwin was stalled momentarily after it was announced earlier this week that Shia would be leaving the play due to “creative differences.”

Ben Foster will now step in to replace LaBeouf for the role of Treat. The three person drama, starring Alec Baldwin, and Tom Sturridge will go up on the stage with previews on March 19, and is set for an official opening week scheduled for April 7.

In a statement about Ben Foster joining the cast, producers of “Orphans” note:
“We are delighted that Ben will join Alec Baldwin and Tom Sturridge when rehearsals commence at Orphans tomorrow morning. He is an extraordinarily gifted actor.”

Even Shia LaBeouf got in on the praise via his personal Twitter having this to say about Foster’s involvement in the Broadway play:

In response to the announcement about his departure LaBeouf took to Twitter to reveal various emails with Alec Baldwin and Tom Sturridge, his co-stars. It was explained to Shia that he was let go because he was simply “imcompatible” with his co-star Alec Baldwin. Both actors have a reputation for being difficult, so LaBeouf ended up being the casualty.

The actor has yet to comment about Alec Baldwin directly, but we think he really doesn’t have to in order to get his point across. Do you think Ben Foster is a good choice?