‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Confronts Kevin For First Time Since Attack By Ryan

Craig SjodinABC Press

Kevin Collins is heading to court this week on General Hospital. He is being charged with aiding and abetting his twin brother, who recently went on a killing rampage in Port Charles. He is being treated as an accomplice since he kept Ryan a secret for a year from everyone, even his wife. Now pretty much the whole town is angry with Dr. Collins. Franco was one of Ryan’s victims, but he and Lulu survived their attacks. Now Franco will be facing Kevin for the first time when he shows up to court.

Franco is angry, as most people in Port Charles are. On Friday’s episode, Kevin was being led into the courtroom in handcuffs. Franco and Liz were sitting in the hallway after being there with Cameron when he faced the judge. That’s when the two men come face-to-face with each other. Kevin Collins has been Franco’s therapist for a while now. He helped him through some really tough times. Now he feels betrayed. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicates that Franco will be confrontational on Monday.

The previews revealed that Franco will not only be angry with Kevin, but he will be a bit upset with Liz as well. He asks her why she is taking his side. Maybe Liz will want to give Kevin the benefit of the doubt and her husband wonder why. He has every right to be angry. Ryan killed Kiki, who was like a daughter to him. Ryan also stabbed Franco while he was at Ferncliff after discovering that he was taking the credit for the killings. Jordan’s plan to bring the killer out worked, but it almost cost him Elizabeth and his new family. It appears that he will be blaming Kevin for the whole thing.

Kevin doesn’t have many people behind him at all. He is in a lonely place right now. He told Laura on Friday that she should file for divorce, but she is still trying to sort through her feelings right now. Attorney Nora Buchanan will be showing up on Monday to help Kevin out. One person who will not give up on him is his ex-wife, Lucy Coe. She shows up in court to give him some much needed moral support.

Will Kevin ever be able to get his life back after his twin wreaked so much havoc on Port Charles? It seems even his close friends have turned their backs on him. Mac blasted him for putting Ryan Chamberlain before his family and friends. Felicia has her guard up as well.

It will be a long road ahead for Kevin to get his life back in order if Nora Buchanan is able to work her magic to get the charges dropped. Stay tuned to General Hospital to see Franco’s reaction to seeing Kevin on Monday.