Demi Rose Is Wearing A Thong Bikini In The Ocean And Instagram Can’t Handle It

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Demi Rose is likely still recovering from the 282,902 likes generated by her 24th birthday post to Instagram just two days ago. March 29 saw this model celebrate her birthday by spilling out of a semi-sheer dress, but it’s back to the day job.

On March 31, Demi posted what appears to be the continuation to a set of pre-birthday pictures. Standing in the Dead Sea without a soul in sight, Demi is shot from behind as she seductively gazes into the lens. Wearing nothing but a white thong bikini, it’s “au naturel” as the ocean setting keeps things simple (but pulses are raising).

While the accompanying caption points towards a “soothing” vibe, the comments are anything but tame.

“I lack words to describe such beauty…”

Instagram is literally losing the ability to put this British sensation into words.

“@demirosemawby the sea isn’t dead anymore!!!”

As one fan suggested Demi’s ability to bring the Dead Sea back to life, another called Demi “wifey.” Given that Demi is not married, her effect seems limitless when it comes to altering the mindsets of her male fans. Demi’s Instagram following currently sits at 8.8 million. Rose isn’t just followed by the general public, though. Blac Chyna and fellow model Sommer Ray also follow her.

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Within an hour of being posted, the March 31 photo had racked up over 100,000 likes.

On March 28, The Inquistr threw Demi her own little birthday celebration by collating 10 of her sexiest Instagram posts. Demi herself sent out love on her special day – well, she does seem to adore her fans.

“24 today! I feel so happy, grateful to be here and blessed to have what I have. My friends, the love that’s in my life and the support I have got given from you all along my years. I’m ready to take on another year and what it may bring. Thank you for all your birthday wishes! Love you guys.”

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24 in 15 days! Aries season ♈️✨

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An avid traveler, Demi frequently updates her Instagram from various parts of the globe. Early 2019 seems to have taken Demi to the Middle East, although London is where this busty celebrity hangs her hat. In March 2019, Demi’s Instagram location pointed towards a visit to Thailand. Not one to miss out on the chance to be exotic, Demi posed in a deep purple bikini with a silk robe hanging off her shoulders.

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Put your number in my Motorola @dannydesantos ????????

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While many celebrities feel that social media is a weight on their shoulders, Demi seems to manage the whole affair with surprising ease. The followers continue to pour in, the likes continue to stack up, and Demi never fails to please. Male viewers may be saddened to hear that Demi is in a relationship, as The Sun reports.