'PUBG' Gets PC And Mobile Updates

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) was officially released on December 20, 2017, and since then, it has become one of the most popular competitive shooter games on the market. The game was initially released for PC and Xbox gamers, but the creators eventually released a mobile version on Android and iOS devices and later decided to offer the game on PlayStation 4.

Since its release, the game has received regular updates across all platforms, and most recently, the PC and Mobile versions have undergone major changes, according to reports from ComicBook and XDA Developers.

The newest update for PC gamers comes with a new weapon and the Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card, along with several other changes, including an increase in loot spawn rates. When players drop on an island in PUBG, they need to quickly search for items to aid their survival. These items are known as "loot," and include guns, medicine, and armor. Loot is typically found distributed all over the island, but many have complained there simply isn't enough. It seems the creators have heard those complaints and have finally addressed them.

"The overall item spawn rates on Erangel have been increased," PUBG outlined on its website.

There will now be an increased the spawn rate of assault rifles (12%), designated marksman rifles (16%), and submachine guns (14%), as well as a slight spawn rate increase for sniper rifles and handguns.

The spawn rate of attachments has also been changed.

"Due to item changes this patch, including merging some attachments together, there is naturally a gap left in spawns which needs to be filled with other items," the notes explained. "Because of this, we have increased the spawn rate of other items evenly."

As for PUBG Mobile, v.0.12.0 is currently available for testing, and includes a "new companion pet system, a new Darkest Night Zombie mode, changes to the Survive Till Dawn Zombie mode, including new RPG weapon, liquid nitrogen grenade, jungle-style double magazines, and new zombies including zombie dogs."

Popular PUBG Mobile streamer Powerbang Gaming offered a preview of the new companion pet system in a recent YouTube upload. It seems the pets are only viewable to their owners, so there is no risk of exposure during gameplay. While playing with a pet, gamers will earn companion points and will be able to level up and unlock new emotes.

Version 0.14.0 is also available on some test servers, as another popular streamer, Yanrique Wright, has debuted additions updates coming to the mobile version of the game. In Wright's video, it seems there will be an extreme blizzard mode added to the already snow-filled island of Vikendi. During the blizzards, players will experience increased health loss, and must gather wood to start fires for warmth and hunt animals for food.
There is no official release date for the mobile updates as of yet.