Miracle Whip Video Is Bizarre, Packed With Celebrities [Video]

Miracle Whip is a polarizing condiment. For years, sandwich-making foodies have argued over the differences between the dressing and good old fashioned mayonnaise, almost always staunchly siding one way or the other.

The latest advertising campaign by Miracle Whip plays up the condiment battle, asking foodies to “keep an open mouth” before discounting the spread. To bolster its efforts to sway naysayers, the company has wrangled the help of a slew of celebrities for a bizarre parody video.

Yahoo! News writes that the video features an odd assortment of stars singing the “Miracle Whip Open Mouth Anthem”, an obvious nod to the famous “We Are The World” song.

Among the celebrities belting out their praise of the sandwich dressing are Susan Boyle, Lance Bass, The Village People, and Tiffany.

Here’s a sampling of the lyrics:

“In this world there’s lots of turkey, but also a lot of fear. People making up their mind, before the facts are clear. And when it’s time to make a sandwich, ugly judgment rears its head. If it’s tangy, creamy, different, chances are it won’t get spread. Open your mind, open your mouth, the world can be a sweeter place. That’s what it’s all about. Keep an open mouth.”

According to The Broward-Palm Beach New Times, Miracle Whip was created as a low cost alternative to mayonnaise during the Great Depression. The company settled on the term “dressing” to highlight its lower oil content.

You can check out the “Miracle Whip Open Mouth Anthem” in the video below: