Mark Hamill’s New Role As Chucky In ‘Child’s Play’ Is The Latest Surprise In A Long And Strange Career

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Mark Hamill is all set to be the sinister voice of the demonic doll everyone loves to hate when he lends his unmistakable tones to the character of Chucky in the forthcoming reboot of horror classic Child’s Play.

Hamill may be famous for saving the universe from the forces of evil and chaos as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, but like all thespians worth his salt, he refuses to be typecast and appears to be relishing his upcoming role as a psychopathic puppet.

The NME reports that the actor renowned for being a Jedi master announced the news yesterday on Twitter, and gushed how he couldn’t wait to bring such an iconic character to life and present him in a way we’ve never seen him before.

The actor appears to be so happy he’s going over to the dark side he even added the hashtag #SoLuckyImChucky.

Back in the distant days of 1988 when the original Child’s Play hit the silver screen, it caused widespread controversy. The movie revolves around a Buddi doll named Chucky who is no ordinary toy; he is in fact possessed by the soul of a cold-blooded murderer. Under the killer’s evil influence, the dastardly doll goes on a bloody rampage and torments the boy who owns him.

Of course, as with all reboots, the new film, set for a June 21 release, will tackle Chucky from a new angle. This time around the murderous little toy will be “an artificial intelligence human companion.”

Fans of both Hamill and Chucky can’t wait to see what strange magic the Star Wars icon will bring to the role but it’s nice to see the actor continuing to keep things spicy after all these years.

Mark Hamill attends Excelsior! A Celebration of The Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible and Uncanny Life Of Stan Lee at TCL Chinese Theatre on January 30, 2019 in Hollywood, California.
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In 2014 The Hollywood Reporter wrote that there’s a lot more to Hamill than Luke Skywalker, and they were right.

His career has been both long and strange and he’s become something of an old master at throwing curve-balls at the audience.

He made his television debut on The Bill Cosby Show back in 1970 and a few years later he became a regular in Jeannie, an animated remake of I Dream Of Jeannie.

After becoming a household name as Luke Skywalker, he appeared in a few movies such as 1989’s Slipstream and 2004’s Comic Book – The Movie, but it has been voice over work which has garnered him the most critical praise.

His work on Batman: The Animated Series and Robot Chicken has proved popular and he’s one of the go-to men if video game producers need a quality voice actor.

The audience waits and watches to see what brand of magic he’ll bring to the role of Chucky.