Alexis Ren Flaunts Curves In A Leotard & Poses On A Bed

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Alexis Ren shared a new photo with fans on Instagram, where she posed at the edge of a bed while wearing a black leotard and thigh-high boots. The leotard had two accents on the front, and the model wore her hair in a slicked-up ponytail while accessorizing with a necklace. She gave a seductive look to the camera, as she lay next to a bouquet of flowers.

So far, it’s a mystery as far as who gave her the flowers. It’s also possible to see a small teddy bear in the background on her pillow, which she posed with for a cute selfie in her stories. Another photo from her stories showed her sitting on the ground with the flowers and a teddy bear, smiling widely while keeping her eyes closed.

While Ren has had a steady stream of new stories, this was her first post in three days. Her latest post was a picture geotagged in Tokyo, Japan, as she smiled in front of a picturesque garden setting. In the backdrop, you can see a gazebo, a pond, and sakura flowers blooming on a tree. This is the second time the model has visited Japan in the past several months. Ren spent time there in December, when she shared tons of incredible photos in front of contemporary and traditional settings.

“See you soon my beautiful japan,” she noted four days ago on Twitter.

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While most of Ren’s fans follow her on Instagram, she also has a good presence on Twitter.

In addition to sharing photos that she cross-posted on Instagram, she also shared random tidbits lately.

“I’m that person at dinner that always somehow ends up talking about aliens, space, and conspiracy theories,” she wrote.

Ren also takes time to share some of her wisdom.

“Whenever an experience happens to you, let it happen, then drop it. Clean your mind, stay in the present,” she said. She also advised, “take your broken heart and turn it into art.”

It’s hard to know for sure if Alexis is dating someone right now, but there’s been nothing announced publicly. Last year during her stint on Dancing With the Stars, Alexis and Alan Bersten announced that they were into each other. However, soon after elimination, the two appeared to go their separate ways, with what sounded like confusion at first on Alan’s end about their relationship status.

Whatever the case, it appears that fans can look forward to more updates from Japan.