Kris Jenner Reportedly Angry That Kathie Lee Gifford Revealed Loan Details

David BuchanGetty Images

Earlier today, Kathie Lee Gifford turned heads when she revealed Kris Jenner borrowed money from her and failed to repay. Now, reports are surfacing about Kris Jenner’s alleged reaction to the shocking claim. According to Hollywood Life, an insider close to Kris Jenner claims she isn’t too happy that Kathie Lee Gifford is sharing details about that loan.

The insider described Kathie’s actions as “tacky” claiming the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch reportedly wishes Kathie Lee Gifford would have kept the matter private.

“Kris wished that Kathie Lee would have said things behind closed doors because its a little tacky to hear it out in the public,” the insider said.

“Kris would be happy to talk to Kathie Lee more about it, but now that it’s a whole thing is a bit embarrassing and got Kris a little upset.”

According to the insider, Kris Jenner now wants to have a private discussion with Kathie and discuss the rumored loan balance, in question. It’s no secret Kris Jenner has a way with the media. The reality star/momager has a way of transforming bad situations into publicity opportunities. However, the insider claims Kris just wants to completely dissociate from the loan drama.

“Kris is ready to talk to Kathie Lee and rectify anything and any outstanding issues on loaned money that they have with each other, but when Kris contacts Kathie Lee she wants it to be away from the public and wants to have a private discussion and not give it any more attention then already is there and out in the open,” the insider said.

The latest news follows a string of reports on Kathie Lee Gifford’s shocking claims about the money Kris Jenner allegedly borrowed from her years ago. Over the years, Kris Jenner and Kathie Lee Gifford forged a friendship. So, she had no problem loaning money to a friend in need. During an interview with People magazine, Kathie claimed that the Kardashian family was struggling and she loaned Kris money. However, things are quite different now and Kathie wants her money back.

While the famed talk show host made the statement jokingly, apparently Kris Jenner doesn’t see it as a laughing matter. Almost immediately after Kathie Lee Gifford made the statement, her interview went viral and many fans were quite shocked by Kris Jenner’s actions. However, the two ladies will probably resolve their differences behind closed doors.