‘Star Wars’ Actor Mark Hamill To Voice Chucky In ‘Child’s Play’ Remake

Gabriel OlsenGetty Images

Star Wars actor, Mark Hamill, is joining the Child’s Play franchise in the role of the creepy killer doll, Chucky.

According to Deadline, Mark Hamill, who is best known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, is going to lend his voice to Chucky in the new Child’s Play reboot.

Hamill will join the cast of the film, which includes Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, and Brian Tyree Henry. The film is said to be a “contemporary re-imagining” of the cult classic horror film, that first burst on the scene in 1988.

In the original movie, Chucky comes to life after a notorious serial killer uses magic to put his soul into the doll in order to escape being caught by the police. The doll then gets sold to a single mother and her young son, Andy, who are terrorized by the murderous toy. Chucky wants to put his soul into the boy’s body and leave his doll physique behind.

While the casting of Hamill may seem confusing to some, his longtime fans know that he is actually an accomplished voice actor who has lent his talents to many projects such as animated films, video games, and TV shows including his role as the Joker in the DC Comics’ Batman: The Animated Series.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Brad Dourif previously voiced Chucky in the original film and its six sequels. Mark Hamill will now be taking over the reigns.

The Child’s Play remake will be produced by Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg, who also worked on 2017’s IT remake, and the sequel, which is set to be released this fall. The new film will also be directed by Lars Klevberg.

Child’s Play was, and is, one of my all-time horror movies and it was one of my introductions to horror,” Klevberg told EW back in 2018. “I got the script [for the remake] and it was really really good, and I knew it was from the producers from It, and I jumped in immediately,” he added.

The first trailer for the new film has already been released, which features some chilling scenes from the movie but does not offer much dialogue from the actors. The trailer also does not show the updated version of Chucky or reveal his voice.

Fans are excited to hear Mark Hamill’s take on Chucky in the Child’s Play remake. It is scheduled to hit theaters on June 21.