‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sasha Shocked By DNA Test Results, Nina Angry With Maxie

Todd WawrychukABC Press

It’s about to go down this upcoming week on General Hospital as Maxie confesses exactly what she had been up to. She has been waiting impatiently for the DNA test results to come back to prove whether or not Sasha really is Nina’s biological daughter. They are finally done and Maxie will be letting Nina in on what she has been doing behind her back.

On Friday’s General Hospital, Maxie and Peter went rushing over to the Metro Court as soon as they read the results. While the soap left viewers hanging as to what they are, there is a sneak peek for Monday’s episode posted on ABC that does reveal the answer ahead of time. Maxie faced her sister-in-law with the envelope in hand. Valentin and Sasha were there as well. Maxie confessed that she ran another test because she wanted to make sure that Valentin was telling the truth.

The test came back that Sasha really is Nina’s daughter. Nina is livid that Maxie would even question it. This also sent Valentin off telling Peter and Maxie that he already ran two tests to prove Sasha is the real deal. Of course, General Hospital spoilers tease that he will by lying about something and that appears to be about the DNA results.

When Maxie and Peter took the DNA samples to Brad in the lab, Valentin was seen hanging around. There is no doubt that he either switched up the test himself, or he gave Brad some big money to switch it up. Either way, Valentin is covering himself since Sasha warned him about Maxie getting a hair sample from her.

While Nina and Valentin were chiding Maxie and Peter, Sasha was seen hanging back not saying anything. She seemed shocked that the test came back positive that she was Nina’s daughter. She assumed that the gig was up, which is why she was about to spill the truth to Nina a few days ago.

Nina will ask Maxie why she didn’t think that her husband was telling the truth. Peter chipped in saying that he knows that Obrecht has something on Valentin and he assumed it had something to do with Sasha.

There is breaking news that came out on Saturday that The Inquisitr had previously reported on that says actress Michelle Stafford (Nina) is exiting General Hospital soon because of failed contract negotiations. This is still just a rumor until the soap or Stafford announces it to be true, but once Nina finds out the truth, it could be that she leaves Valentin, and Port Charles, behind for good.

Keep watching General Hospital this week to see if Maxie’s meddling in Nina’s business will prove to cause a rift between the two women.