‘Ex On The Beach’ Stars Chad Johnson And Nicole Ramos Get Into Explosive Fight

Rich PolkGetty Images

While appearing on MTV’s reality series, Ex on the Beach, Chad Johnson and Nicole Ramos immediately hit it off and the two began “dating” in the house. As the season went on, Chad and Nicole seemed inseparable and the couple even discussed the possibility of having children together. Things continued to go well for the pair until Chad’s ex-girlfriend washed up on the beach and moved into the house. Chad’s ex, Madeline Sullivan, made it clear that she was hoping to rekindle her relationship with Chad, much to the annoyance of Nicole.

The three found themselves in a love triangle, but ultimately, Chad professed his devotion to Nicole and the two left the beach house together. But it seems their relationship didn’t last too long after the cameras stopped rolling.

During the part one of the Ex on the Beach reunion show, Chad and Nicole got into an explosive fight, which resulted in Nicole being removed from the stage, according to a report from Soap Dirt.

It seems Nicole may have posted some drunken clips of The Bachelorette alum on Instagram. When the subject was brought up on the show, Chad got angry and threatened to walk off stage if the full clips were aired.

“You would do that sh*t to me?” he yelled toward Nicole. “F**k that, f**k you,” he continued before telling Nicole to sit down.

Nicole’s anger could not be contained and she was removed from the stage “due to a physical altercation,” according to a message displayed during the show.

After Nicole was removed from the stage, she opened up backstage with one of the show’s hosts.

“I shouldn’t have put my hands on him and for that, I am sorry,” she said. “But I’m not going to stand for a guy getting in my face screaming and putting his finger in my face over something he put on the internet and I just brought to light because he has issues.”

Chad did not comment on his own “issues,” he instead told viewers that Nicole was the reason their relationship didn’t work.

“She got mad because I didn’t talk to her enough. She started talking to other guys,” he said, before admitting he thought she also cheated on him.

While viewers may never know what really happened between the former lovers, they will get updates on the other couples next week during the second part of the reunion special.

MTV’s Ex on the Beach reunion show airs on April 4.