Favorite Perfumes Worn By Royals Like Meghan Markle & Queen Elizabeth

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Ah, to smell like a queen, or even a princess for that matter, sounds wonderful. You might think that royals all have custom perfumes whipped up, but the fact is, all of the favorite fragrances worn by royals regularly and for special events, like their very own royal weddings, are available to the rest of us.

Town & Country shared a deep dive into the fragrance tastes of several modern royals, and while magazines share the fashion and makeup preferences of queens and princesses, one’s taste in a signature scent is much more personal.

The fragrance that Kate Middleton loves, and wore on her wedding day, is by British perfumer Illuminum, and used to be available only in the United Kingdom, but now it can be found online in the U.S. and at Barney’s in New York. Middleton chose the warm weather scent called White Gardenia Petals, which is a floral fragrance with a woody base note, according to the company.

“A delicate, refined scent, the top note of lily evokes summer ambiance, whilst heart notes of gardenia, ylang ylang and jasmine are sumptuous and feminine. Amber wood underscores this light bouquet.”

A 100 mL bottle is approximately $150.

On her own wedding day in 1981, Princess Diana also wore a white floral scent with tuberose, jasmine, and lily of the valley called Houbigant Paris Quelques Fleurs available at Nordstrom starting at $200. The French perfume also includes notes of orange blossoms and roses, as it’s true to its name “many flowers.”

Meghan Markle’s taste in perfume is slightly more sophisticated, as she loves the scents by Jo Malone including Wild Bluebell and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. She says she alternates between the fragrances made by the British perfume house that started in Malone’s kitchen. The 100 mL bottles of all Jo Malone fragrances are $136.

Ironically, Queen Elizabeth wears a French fragrance by Guerlain called L’Heure Bleue, which was originally created in 1912. A 50ml bottle is $86, and it is a complex fragrance of anise, citrus, vanilla, and tuberose, according to the fragrance house in Paris.

Another queen’s perfume is still popular, and that’s Black Jade by the French company, Lubin. The firm found the formula for the perfume made for Queen Marie Antoinette, which was a mix of rose, jasmine, cinnamon, and sandalwood, and is $160 for a 100ml bottle, available from Amazon. Town & Country suggests that the fragrance even smells expensive.

“If wealth were a smell, it would certainly be this.”