‘Ex On The Beach’ Reunion: Which Couples Are Still Together?

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During the Season 2 finale of MTV’s Ex on the Beach, viewers watched as the show’s cast members decided whether they were ready to give love a shot or leave the house solo. At the end of this season, seven couples walked away in love, but how many of their relationships survived after the cameras stopped rolling?

According to a report from MTV News, Nicole Ramos and Chad Johnson, Janelle Shanks and Darian Vandermark, Angela Babicz and Nelson Thomas, Morgan Willett and Jay Starrett, Murray Swanby and Cheyenne Parker, Maya Benberry and Malcolm Drummer, and Rob Tini and Jozea Flores all left the house ready to make their newfound or rekindle romances work.

However, Part 1 of the Ex on the Beach reunion special revealed that only two of the couples are still together.

Nicole Ramos and Chad Johnson

Nicole and Chad had a sweet, whirlwind romance while living in the Malibu beach house, until the arrival of one of Chad’s exes. After a bit of drama, the two were able to reconnect and decided to stay together at the final crush ceremony. After the show ended, the couple returned home and tried to make their relationship work, but it seems the distance was too much. During the reunion show, it was revealed that Nicole posted drunken videos of Chad online and the two got into a heated confrontation, which resulted in Nicole being removed from the stage.

Janelle Shanks and Darian Vandermark

Despite Darian’s wandering eye in the house, Janelle took her ex back and the two are still together.

Angela Babicz and Nelson Thomas

Angela and Nelson are also still together, according to what was revealed during the reunion special.

Morgan Willett and Jay Starrett

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jay and Morgan weren’t able to make their relationship work. After the show, Morgan jetted off to film The Challenge: War of the Worlds. While she was away, Jay claims he was informed that his girlfriend was cheating on him with Challenge bad boy Johnny Bananas. He then contacted Morgan and broke things off. According to Morgan, the feeling was mutual.

“It took me going to the middle of nowhere, sitting by myself in a desert and being, like, ‘OK, maybe I jumped into things a little too soon,'” she explained.

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Murray Swanby and Cheyenne Parker

During the final crush ceremony, the exes were given lie detector tests. When it was Murray’s turn, his results were inconclusive but Cheyenne still decided to pursue a relationship with his ex. Unfortunately, the two broke up after the show. Murray admitted to having feelings for another ex on the show.

“I have feelings for Cheyenne, and I have feelings for Cory Z, which makes it awkward as f**k,” he said, according to a report from Heavy.

Maya Benberry and Malcolm Drummer

Part 1 of the reunion special revealed to viewers that this couple had broken up, but there were no details given. Perhaps viewers will get an explanation as to why Maya and Malcolm were unable to keep their relationship going during the second part of the reunion show.

Rob Tini and Jozea Flores

Rob and Jozea seemed to have the perfect relationship while in the house but after the show, it seems Rob may have been unfaithful and Jozea didn’t stick around.

As for the rest of the singles, both Farrah Abraham and Corey Brooks decided they were better off leaving the house alone and didn’t take the opportunity to reconnect with any of their exes.

Part 2 of MTV’s Ex on the Beach reunion special airs on April 4.