'Ex on the Beach' Reunion Reveals Jay Dumped Morgan Over Johnny Bananas Drama

MTV just wrapped the second season of its reality dating show, Ex on the Beach, after 14 dramatic episodes and now, the stars are back to address their unresolved issues.

Ex on the Beach brings together single reality TV stars and forces them to live in a house with their exes. As the show progresses, singles must decide if they're willing to rekindle relationships with their past loves or start new relationships with one of the other roommates. This season, viewers were introduced to Morgan Willett of Big Brother: Over the Top fame and she quickly became a fan favorite. Morgan soon found herself in a love triangle when two of her exes, Big Brother's Corey Brooks and Jay Starrett, entered the house.

After managing to dodge all the obstacles in their way, Morgan and Jay left the house together in an official relationship. However, once the couple returned home, their relationship met an abrupt end. According to a report from Us Weekly, Jay broke up with Morgan after he was informed that she was cheating on him with Johnny Bananas while filming The Challenge: War of the Worlds.

"As soon as I left the Ex on the Beach house, three days later, I left to go to film The Challenge. It took me going to the middle of nowhere, sitting by myself in a desert and being, like, 'OK, maybe I jumped into things a little too soon,'" Morgan said during the reunion special. "I care about Jay as a person. We were not meant to be in a relationship."

She went on to say that she did not cheat on Jay, but Jay wasn't convinced. As the first part of the reunion show comes to an end, Jay insists that Morgan takes a lie detector test but Morgan seems a bit hesitant. When the show ends, the narrator promises a dramatic reveal during the second part of the special.

It's not hard to see why Jay has doubts about Morgan's involvement with Bananas, as the two were partnered together during The Challenge and they were caught on camera getting cozy throughout the season. Morgan remained tight-lipped about whether or not she was still with her Challenge beau, but Jay had something to say.

When he was asked about Morgan's new relationship, Jay said, "enjoy your potassium — I don't know," according to a report from MTV News.

Fans of the show will have to wait until next week to find out the results of Morgan's lie detector test. Part 2 of the Ex on the Beach reunion show airs on April 4 on MTV.