David Stringer, Arizona Republican Lawmaker Who Resigned This Week, Allegedly Paid Children $10 For Sex

Gage Skidmore Wikimedia Commons

Following the abrupt resignation of Arizona House Representative David Stringer this week after fellow lawmaker Kelly Townsend filed an ethics complaint against him, journalists have been hard at work to uncover exactly what it is that Stringer is so afraid of disclosing. The basis of Townsend’s complaint was a story published in The Phoenix New Times, which alleged that Stringer had been charged with possessing “child pornography” back in 1983. But because the records were expunged in 1990 following a judicial order, few details about what transpired all those years ago exist in public record.

But a new investigative report by The Arizona Republic alleges that Stringer’s crimes in 1983 were much more horrifying than possessing child pornography. According to a police report accessed by the Republic, the former Republican lawmaker met a boy and his friend — both of whom were underage at the time — in a park and offered them money in exchange for sex in 1982. The report goes on to claim that one of the boys was developmentally challenged — a fact “reasonably known” to Stringer — while the other boy was 13-years-old.

“(Name redacted) said that about a year ago he was in Patterson Park with a boy (name redacted) when a man stopped and asked if they wanted to go to his house and have some sex.”

The police report states that both boys claimed to have received oral sex from Stringer, as well as to have performed it on him.

“They did perform the sex act on Mr. Stringer … After this, the boys were given ten dollars ($10.00) a piece and they left,” the report continued.

One of the boys told the police that Stringer had repeatedly requested his presence and that he made trips to his house at least ten times after the initial meeting in the park.

“(Name redacted) said that he has been back to see Mr. Dave at least 10 additional times since the first time. He said that each time he has been asked to perform acts of fellatio and sodomy with David Stringer,” the report read.

After one of the visits during which Stringer reportedly showered with the boy, he finally revealed to his father what the former lawmaker was doing. Stringer was subsequently charged with eight counts of sex crimes. The Republican lawmaker, who was 36-year-old at the time, accepted a plea deal that required him to complete five years of supervised probation. He was also required to “seek admission to what appears to be a treatment clinic for sex offenders,” the Republic reported.