‘General Hospital’ News: Nora Buchanan Returns To Port Charles

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Hillary B. Smith is headed back to General Hospital. She is stepping back into her role as attorney Nora Buchanan beginning on Monday. The former One Life To Live actress was last seen on screen in 2017. This time she will be helping out one of Port Charles’ longtime residents who has gotten himself in big trouble.

According to a report by TV Insider, Nora is returning on Monday’s episode to help Kevin Collins out. He has recently been arrested and is heading to court this next week. He is charged with aiding and abetting his serial killer brother, Ryan Chamberlain. It appears that Dr. Collins is headed to prison, but Nora Buchanan is a pretty darn good attorney. So, if anyone can get him out of this jam, it’s her.

There was a huge hint on Thursday when General Hospital sent out a tweet with a photo of actor James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) and Smith together on the court room set. That was just a prelude to the excitement as the news was officially announced that Nora was back in Port Charles.

Smith indicated that she is always thrilled when she gets a call from Frank Valentini asking her if she is available to return. That usually means that there is a tough case that needs to be fought hard. The actress told TV Insider that her character believes that everybody is entitled to a good defense, so that gives Nora Buchanan a bit of an edge when it comes to the worst cases in Port Charles. She also explained how nice it is to be able to work with a cast that she doesn’t really know as well as her former OLTL co-stars.

“I don’t really know anybody. That’s the beauty of it. I come in a with a clean slate and I love that. When you’re on a soap opera for as many years as I was as Nora on One Life to Live, you can become ‘burdened’ with a lot of history and how you feel about certain characters because it’s part of your history.”

It also sounds like Nora will be touching base with Valentin Cassadine while she is in town. Fans are hoping that his connection with Olivia Jerome will be touched on as well. Nora had asked Valentin before she left town two years ago what his connection was to Olivia. He said that it didn’t matter as he was severing all ties with her. Olivia Jerome also seems to have a mysterious connection with Nora’s husband, Bo Buchanan. Olivia previously told Nora, “Tell that old cowboy of yours that I said hi.”

There may be more to the Nora Buchanan story line than just defending Kevin Collins. Be sure to watch General Hospital to see if she can work her magic this April and if any other questions will be answered along the way.