Bill Maher Slams Donald Trump For Hosting ‘I Got Away With Treason’ Rally After Barr Letter Released

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Donald Trump may believe that he is fully exonerated with the completion of Robert Mueller’s report and a letter from Attorney General William Barr saying the president will not face charges, but Bill Maher doesn’t see it the same way.

In an opening monologue on his show Real Time on HBO, Maher slammed Trump for the claim that he was exonerated when Barr’s letter said the exact opposite. Maher also attacked Trump for hosting what Maher called the “I got away with treason” campaign rally afterward, appearing in Michigan for a raucous event where he bragged about the results and launched into attacks against political opponents.

As Raw Story noted, Maher tore into Trump for trying to brush past evidence of collusion and obstruction of justice to latch onto the fact that he will not face indictment.

“Yes, the pregnancy test came back negative, but that doesn’t mean you’re a virgin,” Maher quipped.

“So, he immediately went on an ‘I got away with treason’ tour. He was in Michigan last night; they were chanting ‘four more years.’ “

The release of William Barr’s letter has done little to convince Americans that Donald Trump is fully exonerated, as the president claimed this week. A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found that 56 percent of respondents believe there are still questions about whether Trump was in the wrong in regard to potential collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice in the Russia probe, with 36 percent saying they believe he was fully exonerated. As NPR noted, the number who believe Trump is exonerated matches the number where Trump’s approval rating has hovered throughout his presidency.

The poll found that three-quarters of Americans believe that the full report from Robert Mueller should be made public. That includes 54 percent of Republicans. Only 18 percent of Americans said they believe that William Barr’s letter summarizing the Mueller report is sufficient — which is roughly half of Trump’s regular approval rating throughout his pregnancy. As the survey noted, the desire to see the full report is one of the few Trump-related poll questions that have found similar levels of support on both sides of the aisle.

Americans may soon get their chance to see the Mueller report and decide for themselves whether Donald Trump was fully exonerated, as he claimed. As The New York Times reported, Barr said a redacted report will be made public by mid-April, and that the Trump White House will not have a chance to review the report and offer redactions before it goes to members of Congress.