‘The Challenge’ Star Cara Maria Sorbello Defends Paulie Calafiore After Domestic Abuse Allegations


The Challenge: War of the Worlds might be one of the best seasons of the franchise to date, with just as much drama happening online as on television screens. This season has shown the relationship between veteran Cara Maria Sorbello and kind-of-not-really veteran Paulie Calafiore grow, even though fans know they have already broken up and gotten back together since the season finished filming.

Plenty of current and former cast members of The Challenge have had their opinions on Cara and Paulie’s relationship, with a lot of bashing going down on Twitter. Many have made their disdain of Paulie clear, and now a former cast member has dropped a bomb which just so happens to be a major accusation. Cara’s Final Reckoning partner, Marie Roda, recently made a comment about domestic abuse in response to a tweet from Paulie, which has Challenge fans’ jaws dropping.

Trying to follow the tweet storm surrounding Cara, Paulie, Marie, and other cast members like Kailah Casillas and Jemmye Carroll is next to impossible, as the latter three women definitely have made it clear they do not care for either Cara or Paulie. Paulie recently shared a screenshot of a tweet Marie sent out on Twitter where she brought up domestic abuse.

There is no context in the screenshotted tweet as it only reads “fine. I’ll say it. Domestic abuse. @paulcalafiore_ happy now runt?” The tweet from Marie came on March 28, but appears to have been deleted. Marie also tweeted out “Domestic Abuse” again on Friday in response to another tweet from Paulie, which is still live.

Cara and Paulie are both now speaking out about the remarks from Marie in a string of tweets.

“I cant believe this has to be tweeted but this s*** is out of hand. @PaulCalafiore_ treats me w so much love every damn day. He has my back and brings me up when Im low. He was NEVER/never will be ‘abusive’ in ANY shape or form. Those saying the MOST truly know the LEAST. TRUST,” Cara tweeted.

The Challenge champion also added another lengthy tweet where she said allegations like this are insulting to actual victims of domestic abuse and promised Paulie has never laid a hand on her in anger and noted that she had been in an abusive relationship prior to her current one with the Big Brother star.

Paulie has also spoken out about the allegations as well.

“It’s gotten past the point of jabs that can be laughed off. Never in a million years did I think two people being happy and in love would bother some people so much to stoop this low,” he tweeted.

The Ex on the Beach alum has also been retweeting support from fans who back the couple and their relationship.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.