Cop Killer Ronell Wilson Not Only Got A Guard Pregnant, But Was Allegedly ‘Pleasured’ By Another Woman Behind Bars

cop killer ronell wilson

Cop killer Ronell Wilson not only got a prison guard pregnant, but was allegedly “pleasured” by his girlfriend while behind bars as well. Wilson was convicted of murdering New York City police detective. Prison guard Nancy Gonzalez was arrested for having sex with an inmate earlier this month.

Court documents indicate that Gonzales is nearly 9 months pregnant with the convicted cop killer’s baby. If convicted on the charges, the former prison guard could be sentenced to 15 years in jail, the New York Times notes.

Wilson will not be sentenced in Brooklyn Federal Court for the police murdering two police detectives until later this spring, the New York Daily News notes. James Nemorin and Rodney Andrews were reportedly the undercover detectives killed by Ronell Wilson. An earlier death sentence was overturned due to trial error.

Ronell Wilson allegedly engaged in a sex act with his girlfriend during while she visited him at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. The convicted cop killer’s sister and mother were reportedly in the same room when the girlfriend performed the sex act.

A source had this to say about Ronell Wilson engaging in a sex act with a girlfriend while incarcerated:

“They [mother and sister] had turned around and were looking away. It’s outrageous that someone convicted of killing two cops is having more sex in jail than some guys on the outside.”

The alleged detention center sex act was reportedly caught on video by a surveillance camera. Prosecutor’s assigned to Ronell Wilson’s case are reportedly thought about using the tape from the erotic encounter during the sentencing hearing.

When Ronell Wilson found out that future visits with his sister and mother would be “noncontact,” he reportedly used a metal chair to smash a Plexiglas divider.

What sentence would you give to the prison guard who is pregnant with a convicted cop killer’s baby?

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