Meghan Markle’s Brother Thomas Jr To Star In Celebrity Boxing Match

Dominic LipinskiGetty Images

It’s no secret to royal fans that Meghan Markle’s American family are quite comfortable with media attention. After all, her dad and half-siblings have been more than willing to give interviews to major outlets. Plus, nephew Tyler Dooley already starred in a reality TV last summer, called The Royal Life on MTV. Not to be outdone by his son, Thomas Jr. is also going to make his TV show debut by appearing at a Celebrity Boxing Match on June 29, revealed the Daily Mail. So far, the opponent has yet to be named.

Boxing promoter Feldman is the one that signed Thomas up for the event, noting that “I give a lot of people a shot in the ring and I saw Tom’s name with Meghan and I thought it would be really cool and interesting.”

“I contacted him last week and he got back to me and we put it together, we’re all set we’re just looking for an opponent. I have a couple of guys in mind, I won’t say names yet.”

The Duchess’ half-brother noted that “I’m primed and ready to get started. It’s going to be tough getting in shape for the fight, after all I’m a 52-year-old, out of shape smoker.”

Thomas Jr. did add, however, that he has martial arts experience and no boxing experience. It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out, and who the opponent will be. The June boxing date will fall months after the anticipated birth of Meghan’s first child, which could generate buzz for the event.

The brother is by no means the only one looking to capitalize on the increase in publicity this spring for the Markle name. Half-sister Samantha is expected to release her tell-all book, the contents of which are unknown at this time.

But that’s not all that’s going on for Thomas Jr., as there have been new reports that he and his fiancé Darlene Marie Blount haven’t paid rent to their landlord for January, February or March, noted the Mail Tribune. Because of Thomas Jr.’s connection to Meghan, there’s been more publicity surrounding the eviction than usual. The landlord, Paul Walter, has told the media that this is the first eviction he’s had to deal with. And apparently, TV crews from Inside Edition could show up on the day of the eviction.

The total amount that’s allegedly owed is around $4,500, and Walter has noted that “We’re not eccentric millionaires. $4,500 is a lot of money for us.”